April 22 2010

A Message to You — April 22, 2010

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We are always in good hands by REV. LAURIE TENHAVE-CHAPMAN First Congregational Church, Rockford  I realized that I had no real memory of the night after my surgery. I had this image of my husband smiling into my face as I was wheeled to my room, telling me the good news that they had found no additional cancer. And I knew I spent those evening hours with him. But apart from that I couldn’t remember anything about that night. I felt a little bit anxious realizing this, because I typically remember how I’ve spent my time. As suddenly as I felt the anxiety rise, however, it left because I knew I had spent time with my beloved. He would have been protective of me. When I asked him if I was alert that evening, he filled me in on details of our conversation and watching TV together. Anesthesia is strange stuff, preventing us from remembering seemingly lucid moments. But, because I was in good hands, I knew I had nothing to fear from that time of amnesia. We may think that we have control over our lives until something unforeseen comes along. Then we might begin to panic. The comforting news for us is that we are always in good hands. Nothing will happen to us without God knowing about it. That doesn’t mean that we will be exempt from pain or hardships. It assures us that when we are vulnerable, Christ will shield us from attack. When we are weakened, Christ will grant us His power. When we can’t remember the past, Jesus will help us live fully in the present. When our circumstances change to such an extent that our heads are spinning, God will keep us anchored. We can rest assured that our lives are always lovingly held in good hands, the hands of a God who loves us and knows us completely. How blessed we are to know such love and protection all our days!


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Fouty-Wolken Kali Fouty of Rockford and Adam Wolken of Columbia, Mo., are proud to announce their engagement. The bride-to-be is the daughter of Len Fouty of Ada and Erin Fouty of Rockford. She is a 2003 graduate of Grand Rapids Baptist High School, a 2007 graduate of Taylor University and a 2010 graduate of Ball State University. The groom-to-be is the son of Brad and Kathy Wolken of Columbia, Mo. He is a 2004 home-school graduate, a 2008 graduate of Taylor University and a 2010 graduate of Taylor University Graduate School. The couple has set a wedding date of May 29, 2010, at English Hills Country Club. Matron of honor will be Amy Fouty, sister of the bride, with Michelle Wolken, sister of the groom as bridesmaid. Best man will be Ben Wolken, brother of the groom, with David Fouty, brother of the bride as groomsman. The couple will honeymoon on a cruise and reside in Indiana.


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Tillman  Mrs. Sarah E. Tillman, age 83, of Rockford passed away on Monday, April 19, 2010. She worked as an administrator for Wolverine World Wide. Since 1975, Mrs. Tillman was a member of Rockford United Methodist Church. She will be remembered as a bubbly, outgoing person whose presence filled the room. Mrs. Tillman is survived by her devoted husband of nearly 63 years, Keith; children, Roger and Nancy Tillman, Barbara and Mark LaBelle, Richard and Maureen Tillman, Mary and Jack Best, Carol and Daniel Schultz; grandchildren, Jason and Elizabeth Tillman, Adam Tillman, Brett Tillman, Christopher and Lydia LaBelle, Lauren and Ronnie Tolliver, Kevin Tillman, Steven Tillman, Audrey Best, Alexander Schultz; great-granddaughter, Madelyn, and the much anticipated arrival of one more; nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her two brothers, Eugene and Rod. The service for Mrs. Tillman will be Friday at 11:00 a.m. at Rockford United Methodist Church with Pastor Richard Riley officiating. Interment will be in Rockford Cemetery. Those planning an expression of sympathy are asked to consider Rockford United Methodist Church. Relatives and friends may meet with the family at the Pederson Funeral Home on Thursday from 2 to 4 p.m. and 6 to 8 p.m. Arrangements were made by Pederson Funeral Home, Rockford. Egbert  Mrs. Janet Egbert, age 52, of Rockford passed away very unexpectedly on Tuesday, April 20, 2010. While Jan was growing up, she attended Centreville High School where she was valedictorian of her class, participated in the band, and was a member of the track team. She received a scholarship for academics and still holds a top track record at Central Michigan University. Jan was playing in a powder puff football game. Her brother and his roommate Dan watched as she plowed over an opponent. Dan decided that this was the girl for him. After a loving courtship, they married, and Dan transferred to Central Michigan University, and then the children arrived. They would hustle the babies between their commitments in track, student teaching, and working at 7-11 Store and Jo Ann Fabrics. Jan’s first teaching position was in Dodgeville, Wis. In order to be closer to their families, Jan and Dan moved back to Michigan. After attending an in-service at Rockford Public Schools, Jan was […]

Letters to the Editor—April 22, 2010

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Reader disagrees with Farmer’s Market dog decision Dear Mr. Young, I am writing this letter to express my strong disappointment in the City Council’s irresponsibility by deciding to allow dogs to be present at the weekly Farmer’s Market. In making their decision, City Council has potentially sacrificed the safety of many citizens, as well as their enjoyment and patronage of the market, for the short-term convenience of others. I admire Mayor Rogers for stating, “I wouldn’t want to take the chance of a child being bitten,” and supporting that with her vote. Council members who voted against a dog ban are clearly saying that they DON’T mind taking the chance because they surely CAN’T deny that the CHANCE of dog bites or other problems exists. My reason for opposing the presence of dogs at the market is not because I oppose dog ownership. I think that anyone who owns and loves a dog has every right to enjoy their pet, but I do not believe that right extends to crowded areas such as the farm market where the potential for problems definitely exists. I am also sensitive to the issue because I have knee and back problems that sometimes make balance difficult. I have witnessed dogs at the market (on leashes) jump up at passersby, causing them to move out of the way quickly. Council seems to feel that those situations don’t matter because they weren’t reported as “incidents,” even though if that were to happen to me or anyone else who may be unable to react quickly enough, it could easily result in a fall and injury (possibly permanent). I also take issue with the fact that City Council interpreted six responses by market vendors as sufficient reason to allow dogs. In fact, the three favorable responses reflect the views of ONLY 14 percent of the vendors. That is hardly a mandate that should cause a council member to disregard public safety. Frankly, I am surprised that vendors didn’t speak out more strongly in favor of banning dogs. When we go to the market, it is in my car, which often has the trunk and back seat filled with produce and flats of vegetables when we leave. It makes no sense to risk having […]

Unbelievable two-story cottage built inside DeVos Place

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by CLIFF AND NANCY HILL  Four years ago, seeking to downsize our living space and simplify our lives, we had a new home built with some 500-square-foot less of finished living area than that of the large condo we previously owned. Yes, we chose to return to a private residence and all of the personal freedoms that one often gives up in a condominium community. Having downsized and loving it, we began to believe we could have gone even smaller, so we were intrigued when we learned that a two-story 1,200-square-foot cottage-style home, including landscaping, was being built inside the cavernous DeVos Place exhibit hall. The home was being built in four whirlwind days to be the featured exhibit for the fourth annual 2010 Cottage & Lakefront Living Show that opened last Friday afternoon. We found ourselves first in line when the show opened its doors for its three-day run. At the far end of the huge exhibit hall, the cottage towered above all of the other exhibits on the floor. Designed by architect Wayne Visbeen, of Visbeen Associates, and built by Falcon Custom Homes and its subcontractors, the completely furnished cottage was built to the exacting standards customers have come to expect from these two premier contractors. Finishes, both interior and exterior, were of the highest quality wherever one looked. Even so, Visbeen told us that the cottage/home in its basic form (without many extras featured on the show home) is extremely affordable. The cottage or home, if you will, is 16 feet wide and 32 feet deep. It was specifically designed for narrow lots such as one might find along the shores of area lakes. From front porch to back porch, including the interior layout, we loved the design. Even though only 1,200 square feet, every inch of the open concept, main level floor space was utilized and efficiently laid out, giving one the feeling they were in a much larger home. An added plus for us was finding Rockford’s award-winning Gallery Interiors as the design contractor for all of the interior spaces, including the kitchen and two bathrooms. Visualizing ourselves one day living in this carefree home on a small maintenance-free lot, we moved on to take in the rest of the […]

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