April 28 2011

Craftsmanship is a true calling for traditional woodworker

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‘People used to be more satisfied in their daily tasks and occupations’ by BETH ALTENA He uses 100-year-old tools, paper, pencil and patience to create furniture the way it was made in early America. Justin Kauffman is following his calling—and he means that in the theological sense that he is doing what he believes God meant him to do. Kauffman studied Bible and Religion at Anderson University in Indiana and then completed two masters degrees in Old Testament and one in Biblical Languages at Gordon-Cornwell Theological Seminary with plans to become a professor. While dating his future bride, her grandfather introduced him to woodworking as the two men constructed a hope chest. That introduction to woodworking 10 years ago would change the course of Kauffman’s life. Their landlady in Boston allowed him the use of a dusty, dank basement to use a few poor-quality tools to practice the craft, and Kauffman came to believe that working with his hands and wood was what God meant for him to do. He went back to school—this time to the county’s oldest trade school, North Bennet Street School, and began to follow God’s will in a different direction—not as a teacher, but as a furniture maker. Today Kauffman is commissioned to re-create a set of lyre-backed Duncan Phyfe chairs circa 1810. Few men today are capable of such an undertaking.

City to welcome new (born) residents with free tree

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By BETH ALTENA The City of Rockford has just received approval of their designation as a National Arbor Day Tree City and will celebrate with a gift of a tree in their honor to newborns who reside within city limits. “We have always had a tree planting program where residents pay half the price and the City pays the other half. We thought this would be a nice way to welcome a new resident to the City,” said City Manager Michael Young. Rockford has spent the past year deciding whether to try for a National Arbor Day Foundation designation as a National Tree City. When Council looked at the requirements specified by the organization, they realized Rockford was already fulfilling the majority of them. City residents who have had a new baby in 2010 are invited to call the city to have a free tree delivered and planted, either on their property or in the parkway. Residents who have not had a newborn in 2010 can still participate in the parkway tree program and split the difference of a new tree with the City.

Subway manager staged robbery

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by JUDY REED It appears that the armed robbery of the Cedar Springs Subway on 17 Mile Road two weeks ago was an inside job. According to the Cedar Springs Police Department (CSPD), daytime manager Kristin Joy Fredrickson, 35, of Solon Township, the alleged victim of the robbery, admitted to police she was involved and that she had another employee and former employee assist her. Cedar Springs Police responded to an armed robbery call at the Subway, located at 4116 17 Mile Road, at 8:22 a.m., April 12. Fredrickson, the day shift manager, reported that a masked man entered through the rear door soon after she arrived to open the business and robbed her at gunpoint. He then fled to a vehicle parked to the east at a neighboring business. Witnesses reported seeing a man running to this vehicle and getting into the passenger side door. The vehicle then fled eastbound at a high rate of speed. Cedar Springs Police Chief Roger Parent said that they looked at all possible ways this crime could have occurred, and it appeared from the very first day that it could have been staged. He said that within days the investigation turned from interviewing the “victim,” who was the on-duty daytime manager at the business, to an investigation suspecting her of being involved. “We asked detectives from the Kent County Sheriff’s Department (KCSD) to look over our evidence and they agreed,” said Parent. “Detective Sgt. Jack Smith [KCSD] and Detective Jason Kelley [KCSD north sub-station] along with Sgt. Good [CSPD] continued with the investigation.”

City continues hydrant flushing

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City of Rockford residents who experienced abnormalities in their water pressure need not worry. The City Department of Public Services has been flushing hydrants, a twice-annual housekeeping project to ensure the hydrants are in good working order. Here City staff flush a hydrant near the Squire office on Northland Drive.

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