April 28 2011

Belmont Elementary School’s Anna Kurtz, an Example in Excellence

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Musical, creative student is a natural writer and helper Anna Kurtz, 10, is the daughter of Leonard and Kathleen Kurtz and sister to Emily and Taryne. “Anna shows initiative in class by being a good helper where she’s needed,” report Anna’s teachers. “She is very responsible, exceeding expectations in assignments. She is also considerate to her friends, teachers and peers.” A genial and creative individual, Anna entertains others with her music and stories and has a warm greeting for all. This girl with a bright future sings in talent shows and is always writing stories. She even takes her writer’s notebook out to recess. Anna has a positive attitude that just won’t stop and is passionate about learning. She pours over books and writes beautiful, creative stories. Anna has an internal drive to learn, which will likely serve her well all her life, teachers say. She is a student who always does her personal best. Other activities of Anna’s are participation in talent shows, volunteering on the bus safety patrol and Jump Rope for Heart, where she won an award for her sponsors and donations. This musical, delightful student sings while her dad plays guitar, and takes art classes in addition to those offered at school. She was runner-up in the spelling bee this year, qualifying for the regional bee. She also read over 40 books in fifth grade by Christmas vacation! Belmont Elementary School teachers and staff applaud Anna for her many talents, but also in her passion for learning, helping and doing her best. She is a fine Example in Excellence in her school and in life.  

Morning option for would-be Rotarians stuck at work at noon

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Not everyone can go to a service club meeting in the middle of a workday. Rockford Rotary Club has been meeting at 12:10 p.m. at the Rockford Community Cabin for more than 50 years. However, now there is an alternative meeting time at 7:00 a.m. at the Rockford High School. “Finally, I can join Rotary!” stated Assistant Administrator Katie VanCuren. “I have worked with Rotarians on the Strive mentoring program and the Rotary Youth Leadership and really enjoyed their spirit of service to the community. But I just can’t break away in the middle of the day and often the nights are busy with school or sports-related functions.” If you are interested in joining the group or have questions, call Mark Bivins at (616) 866-1470.  


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In Loving Memory Stephen J. May July 1, 1992–April 28, 2010 A tragic accident took you, From those who love you dear. We miss you every moment, It doesn’t seem a year. Please know you’re not forgotten, Your spirit does remain. Your ELE lives on, And supports us through the pain. ELE—Everybody Love Everybody!   Those left brokenhearted, Dad, Mom, Brett Bush & Dzaidzi & Grandma and the May and Janicki families  

Ward and Richardson re-team up in barber business

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Their dads graduated from Rockford High School together in 1937 and Dean  Richardson joked that he was cutting hair since Doug Ward, of Ward’s Hair Place, was in diapers. Now the two are back in the barber business together. “Actually I was cutting hair in Rockford when Doug was in Vietnam,” Richardson corrected. Ward wants to get the word out to the community about the new business partnership and issued the following letter to the public. Doug Ward of Ward’s Hair Place, located at the corner of Courtland and Monroe streets, would like everybody to know that his old side-kick Dean Richardson is coming back to help Dean out for the summer. With all the business that Doug still has and trying to keep up with all his regular customers as well as the new people he is getting now. Add to that all the snowbirds are coming back. Dean really wants to help Dough out. Dean will be working Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays until he turns into a snowbird this coming winter. Doug would also like to thank all of the people of Rockford and the surrounding area for their loyalty and let them know contrary to what people have been told by phone calls, Doug is not retiring or selling the business or even the corner lot. Doug is back working six days a week. Almost everybody in Rockford knows how much fun and good times that both Doug and Dean have to share with all their friends and customers. It will be great times again. Thanks to all.  

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