April 29 2010

Words on Weather & Climate — April 29, 2010

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What’s the name of that volcano? by CRAIG JAMES I imagine the people from Iceland have been driven to fits of hysterical laughter when they hear broadcasters trying to pronounce the name the volcano that has been erupting in their country. It is spelled “Eyjafjallajoekull.” You can hear someone from Iceland pronounce it on a video from YouTube at www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jq-sMZtSww. It certainly made me laugh. The English pronunciation is “Aye-ya fyah-dla jow-kudl.” Let’s just call it “that Icelandic volcano.” You can see absolutely stunning photos online at www.boston.com/bigpicture/2010/04/more_from_eyjafjallajokull.html. If you don’t own a computer, go to the library or visit a friend who has one and look at the pictures. It is worth your while. I’m sure all of the stranded passengers and the airline companies didn’t find the volcano a laughing matter, but it came as no surprise to me to find out there are people blaming the volcano on global warming. Scientific American recently ran an article claiming that climate change caused the volcano to erupt. (Can you hear me laughing hysterically in the background?) I am certainly not a geologist or volcanologist, but there is enough evidence to show that volcanoes don’t erupt due to climate change, but they can change the climate. The eruption of Mt. Tambora in 1815 caused the year without a summer in 1816. It has been hypothesized by a volcanologist at Los Alamos that the Dark Ages were triggered by agricultural collapse following the 535AD eruption of Krakatoa. The 1883 eruption of Krakatoa lowered global temperatures about two degrees. The eruptions of El Chicon in 1983 and Mt. Pinotubo in 1991 also lowered global temperatures. I could go on and on. A geologist writing in a blog called WattsUpWithThat, explained why melting ice had no effect on the Icelandic volcano: “Iceland is an above sea level manifestation of the Mid Atlantic Ridge. The ridge is of course an active constructive margin (It is actually the principle prime-mover of continental drift at this point in time). Upwelling of hotter (i.e. less dense) magma along the ridge is pushing the Eurasian plate and North American plate in opposite directions at about the speed that human nails grow. The Eurasian plate heads east, the North American plate heads west. “So […]

Local artists hold show this Saturday

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Visitors are invited to view a wide variety of local art Saturday, May 1. This is the second year the Rogue River Artists Association (RRAA) will hold its spring Sale/Show at The Rockford United Methodist Church, 159 Maple St. Rockford. The hours of the show are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., on Saturday May 1. The artist group has 25 member artists, whose works include; artwork in acrylic, oils, pastels, pencil, charcoal and watercolor. They have two wood carvers, handmade original design jewelry, original design handmade purses, photography, and cement bird baths. RRAA is a jurried member group, under the auspices of the Rockford Area Arts Commission. RRAA also participate in Start of Summer activities, with tents and working artists outside of Herman’s Boy on the Saturday during Start of Summer. They hold a Garden Art Sale/Show on the second Saturday of July at the home of member Shirley Dean on Summit Avenue in Rockford. Other activities include participation in Art In The Park, Saturdays of Harvest Festival again at Herman’s Boy and a Fall Sale on the first Saturday of November at the Rockford United Methodist Church. RRAA holds monthly meeting on the second Tuesday of the month at the Rockford D&W, upstairs in the community room, meetings start at 6:30 p.m. All interested artists are welcome to visit any meeting or the show.

Local girl competes for Miss Pre-Teen Grand Rapids/Lansing title

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Rachael Nemic of Rockford was recently selected to participate in Nationals’ 2010 Miss Pre-Teen Grand Rapids/Lansing pageant competition that will take place on May 15, 2010. Rachael learned of her acceptance into this year’s competition as Nationals, Inc. announced their selections on Monday afternoon. Rachael submitted an application and took part in an interview session that was conducted by Anna Klejnowski, this year’s Grand Rapids/Lansing Pageant Coordinator. Rachael will be competing for her share of thousands of dollars in prizes and specialty gifts that will be distributed to contestants. Rachael will be competing in the Miss Pre-Teen division, one of four divisions that will have young ladies between the ages of 7 and 19 competing in modeling routines which include casual wear and formal wear. Most important, Rachael will display her personality and interviewing skills while interviewing with this year’s Grand Rapids/Lansing judging panel. Personality is the number one aspect that each contestant is judged on during all phases of competition. If Rachael were to win the title of Miss Pre-Teen Grand Rapids/Lansing, she would represent Grand Rapids/Lansing and the surrounding communities at the Cities Of America National Competition that will take place in Orlando, Florida. Over $60,000 in prizes and awards will be presented at the National Competition while each winner enjoys this expense paid trip of five nights and six days in Orlando, Florida. There is no cost to Rachael for participating in the pageant competition. Community businesses, organizations, and private individuals will assist Rachael in participating in this year’s competition by becoming an official sponsor to her. Through sponsorship, each contestant receives all the necessary training, rehearsals, and financial support which will allow Rachael to become a very confident and well-prepared contestant in this year’s Grand Rapids/Lansing Pageant. Any business, organization, or private individual who may be interested in becoming a sponsor to Rachael may contact her pageant coordinator, Anna Klejnowski at 1-800-569-2487.

Rockford Freshman Center’s Brooke Glencer, an Example in Excellence

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Determined student is a role model for others Brooke is the daughter of Joseph Glencer and Stacy and Terrence Sammon. She is sister to Morgan and Hunter Glencer and Zack, Blaze and Jordan Sammon. Brooke is a self-disciplined student who puts every effort into the tasks she undertakes. She is caring and sets an example for others in the way she treats those around her. Brooke’s giving attitude is clear in all she does, from volunteering at the Equest Center for Therapeutic Riding to her passion for recycling. She takes items to Goodwill for donation and is a very loving person. She is a good role model for her siblings and is equally comfortable with animals, children and the elderly. Since she was young, Brooke has wanted to be a teacher becauseshe loves helping others. This compassionate attitude is obvious to those around her, and she shows her caring by helping others.She is always polite and considerate, and puts her best effort into all she does. Brooke values her family and her faith, and works hard to make good decisions. She takes her work seriously and plans to attend Michigan State University. She is an organized student who is both easygoing and determined. Brooke enjoys shopping, babysitting, cheerleading, kayaking, jet skiing, cooking, gymnastics, reading, writing and swimming. She is a regular Honor Roll student, and was Citizen of the Month at her school. She is first chair in band and is in cheer. Brooke is a student who has earned the rspect and amration of her peers and teachers. She is a person who has a solid sense of responsibility, but also strongly believes in making the world a better place. At Rockford Freshman Center, and in her life outside of school, Brooke is clearly an Example in Excellence.

Roguewood Odyssey team places first in state finals

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They solved the Nature Trail ‘R Problem in Division I and took 1st place at States, following their 1st place at Regionals last month.  The team is mostly fourth graders with one 3rd grader all from Roguewood Elementary.  The team will continue on to the 2010 OM Worlds Competition held at MSU next month.

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