April 8 2010

Birthdays — April 10-16, 2010

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10th Nan Ayers, Jamie Berris, Courtney English, Brad Tidey 11th Andy Tower, David Arron Zapf 12th Gerry Hanna, Melissa Jensen, Eileen Ostrander 13th Ashley Hull, John Venman 14th Diana Candela, Michael Havemeier, Ellen Hunt 15th Charlotte Fisk 16th Amy Kruer, Natasha Moyer, Caleb Orr, Bob Partlow

Main Street by Roger Allen, publisher

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Thanks, Ben Franklin I just finished reading a couple of old classics (Count of Monte Cristo, Adventures of Sherlock Holmes) and found much talk of candles, oil lamps, and horse-drawn carriages. Ah, the good old days, when life was simpler. When I woke up this morning, I switched on the light, turned off the dialysis machine, turned up the thermostat, and turned on the coffee pot and the radio. It struck me that electric power is handy. A few years ago during an ice storm, many of us living the simple life out in the country woke up to no lights, water, working toilets, heat or TV. The good old days were not that good. Patriotic citizens The Taliban is making war on us with their drug profits. Here’s the way I look at it: If we don’t use illegal drugs, we’re patriots, fighting the war on terrorism. (We also save a lot of money and don’t go to jail.) Wedding bells Tom, age 92, and Doris, 89, finally decided to get married. They went for a stroll to discuss their wedding plans and on the way they passed a drugstore. Tom suggested they go in. “We’re about to tie the knot,” Tom announced to the pharmacist. “Do you sell heart medication?” “Of course,” said the pharmacist. “Meds to help circulation?” “All kinds,” said the pharmacist. “Arthritis pills?” “Definitely.” “How about suppositories for irregularity?” “You bet.” “Meds for memory problems?” “Yes, the works.” “What about vitamins, and pills for sleeping, heartburn and indigestion? What about wheelchairs, walkers and canes?” “Got ‘em all,” said the pharmacist. “Adult diapers?” “Sure,” said the pharmacist. “Great!” Tom replied. “We’d like to use this store as our bridal registry.” Home alone Loaded down with suitcases, a couple enters the airport terminal to go to the check-in counter. As they approach the line, the husband glances at their loads of luggage and says to the wife, “Why didn’t you bring the piano, too?” “Are you trying to be funny?” she replies. “No, I really wish you had,” he sighs. “I left the tickets on it.” A few observations • We’ll never run out of math teachers because they always multiply. • To write with a broken pencil is pointless. • Dead batteries […]

The Tax Attic with Jerry Coon

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April 15 around the corner It’s Master’s week. For a large number of golfers, this tournament, the first major of the year, gets the ball rolling for golf. Everything is perfect at the Masters. Augusta National Golf Club is among the most beautiful golf courses on this Earth. The flowers are perfect; there are always birds singing in the background. Only the best golfers in the world are invited to play in the most prestigious tournament in the world. Win the Masters one time, like Zach Johnson, and your reputation is made. Only a handful of players have won it more than once. The Masters was first held in 1934. The First Annual Invitation Tournament as it was called back then was not won by the world’s best golfer, Bobby Jones. A very good player by the name of Horton Smith beat Craig Wood by sinking a 20-foot birdie putt on the 17th hole. Bobby Jones and Alister MacKenzie did design the course, but Bobby had retired from competitive golf in 1930. We don’t seem to have heroes like Bobby Jones anymore. Like all of us, he had issues. By all accounts, he had a terrible temper. In 1921, in the third round of the British Open, he stormed off the course, thereby disqualifying himself, because he was playing badly. If I stormed off the course every time I was playing badly, I would never get in a full round of golf. However, from that point on, Bobby Jones began to control his temper and began to win tournament after tournament. The culmination of his winning came in 1930 when he won the Grand Slam of Golf. At the time, the Grand Slam was made up of the British Amateur, the U.S. Open, the British Open, and the U.S. Amateur. Now the Grand Slam is made up of the Masters, U.S. Open, British Open, and the PGA Championship. Maybe it’s tougher now, and with all due respect to Tiger Woods, Bobby Jones was still the best golfer ever. Even though it’s near the end of the tax season, I think I can find a few minutes here and there to catch some golf this weekend. As it is nearing the end of the tax season, let’s […]

Girl Scouts celebrate Thinking Day 2010

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Over 100 Rockford Girl Scouts, leaders and parents gathered together at Our Lady of Consolation (OLC) to celebrate the 84th Annual World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) Thinking Day on Saturday, Feb. 27. This special day is celebrated around the world as Girl Scouts and Girl Guides set aside time to think of each other and give thanks and appreciation to their “sister” Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world. The World Thinking Day theme for 2010 was girls worldwide saying, “Together we can end extreme poverty and hunger,” with an aim to raise awareness and improve the lives of the poorest people in the world. The Rockford Scouts concentrated their efforts by collecting food items for the North Kent Service Center and Kids Food Basket (KFB), a Grand Rapids-based agency that provides 1,500 sack dinners to nutritionally challenged students in Grand Rapids Public Schools. Each school that participates in the KFB program has an enrollment of 80% or more families that are classified at the federal poverty income level. In this by-girls-for-girls event, Junior Scouts presented information to their younger Daisy and Brownie Scout sisters on five different WAGGGS member countries: Finland, Japan, Mexico, Philippines, Poland and Russia. With “passports” in hand, the younger girls “traveled around the world” to visit each booth. At each stop in their trip, the girls learned about the country they were visiting through stories, crafts, games, dance and food.

News Bits — April 8, 2010

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City to flush hydrants The City of Rockford will be conducting the bi-annual Hydrant Flushing and Maintenance Program beginning April 12, 2010. This process will be completed by April 30, 2010. During this time you may notice an occasional decrease in water pressure and possibly some slight cloudiness in the water. Most residents will see no change in their water supply. If you should notice a change in the appearance of your water, merely let the water run until it clears, usually within several minutes. There is no cause for concern with respect to the safety of your water supply, and the City performs this service twice a year to maintain a safe, reliable and abundant supply of water for its residents. This program also ensures that the fire hydrants in the City are operating correctly and available for use in an emergency. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dennis Brinks at the City of Rockford at (616) 866-0560. Huntington National Bank named SBA Lender of the Year The U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Michigan District Office presented its fiscal 2009 lender awards at the 12th Annual Michigan SBA Lenders’ Conference held in Lansing recently. Huntington National Bank was named Michigan Lender of the Year, SBA’s award for the best overall performance. Huntington National Bank approved 184 SBA loans worth more than $24 million in fiscal 2009. “Although it was difficult to select only one lender, Huntington National Bank did a very good job of marketing our loan programs in a difficult year,” said Richard Temkin, SBA Michigan District Director. “In addition to also being our SBAExpress Lender of the Year, it was a contender for several other awards.” In fiscal 2009, the Michigan District Office guaranteed 1,285 loans worth more than $312 million. Over the past five years, SBA has provided guaranties on 13,615 loans worth almost $2.4 billion to small businesses in Michigan. For more information, please call the Michigan District Office at (313) 226-6075 x225 or visit www.sba.gov.

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