April Fools Story

Size counts: new law too short

April 1, 2010 // 0 Comments

The American people are incensed about the length of the new health care law. It is much too short, a piker: only about 2,000 pages. This compares unfavorably with the U.S. Income Tax code at 16,000 (or 18,000 or 23,000; depends on who you ask). “Congress just doesn’t care about health care,” said one radio talk show caller. “If they cared, they’d give us more pages to read.” Nonetheless, even the loudest critics admit that a measly 2,000 pages is a long read. At this point, no one has read it all, although some hold out hope that eventually someone will. (No one has ever read the entire U.S. Income Tax code.) The staff of The Squire has been skimming pages of the new law as fast as we can. Just in time for this issue, someone came across the New Health Care Plan Terminology. Here’s a sample and we hope it helps: New Health Care Plan Terminology Barium What you do when CPR fails Benign What you do after you be eight Cesarean Section A district in Rome Colic A sheep dog Dilate To live long Fester Quicker G.I. Series Baseball game between soldiers Hangnail A coat hook Medical staff A doctor’s cane Morbid A higher offer Nitrate Lower than the day rate Node Was aware of Organic A church musician Outpatient A person who has fainted Secretion Hiding stuff Tumor An extra pair Urine Opposite of you’re out Varicose Veins Veins that are very close together