August 2 2012

Rockford Area Historical Society News & Update

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by TERRY KONKLE President, Rockford Area Historical Society Additional information has come in on the Saint Bernard, Thor. In case readers were wondering, he was named after the Norse god of thunder. I have also learned that Thor sometimes sat in the middle of the intersection of Courtland and Main streets and chewed on the bone given to him by Harold Stelma. Cars would carefully drive around him. Another Thor story concerned his stealing a dress off a clothesline at the Elkins’ home on South Monroe Street. I called Norrine Elkins and she confirmed that the dog did take the dress. “He took it home with him, and I went to get it. It was lying in his yard on South Fremont Street. I got it back and had it dry cleaned and it was fine,” she said. She recounted the incident with a lot of laughter. I think many people enjoyed Thor. It is time for another “Nugget of Rockford History.” Before asking the question, however, I need to inform readers that this coming 2012 Rockford High School football season will be number 100 in our athletic history. During those years we have had 27 varsity football coaches. In order from the first to the most recent they are: Fayette Dockeray, J.A. Morrison, H.D. McNaughton, Cyrus Kuyers, Bill Lindsey, C.M. Tenny, C.W. Loveland, C.W. Brown, C.F. Nichols, James Idema, Charles Harris, Henry Lemoin, Jess Hodgson, Lyle Bennett, Charles Leadbetter, Pete Brose, Ken VanHoesen, Dale Beery, Bob Stoppert, Gerald Fox, Clint Brown, Vern Norris, Don Verduin,  John Schrolec, Jack Miller, Harvey DeGood and Ralph Munger. Now for the question! Which of the above coaches was our varsity football mentor for the most years? Please contact me with your answers at (616) 866-0530. On behalf of the Rockford Area Historical Society, I want to thank all of you who took the time to register and then vote for us in the Erhardt Construction Company contest. We did not finish in the top five, but all five finalists were very deserving. Voting is now going on to select the top spot, and if you are registered, I encourage you to go to the contest site and vote for one of the five finalists. The society also thanks […]

News from Cannon Township Supervisor

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Only the Feds by STEVE GRIMM Cannon Township Supervisor  No one matches the federal government when it comes to putting form over substance. Recently there was the story of Representative Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania who spoke on the House floor about a new stadium in his district that was prevented from opening by the federal government because the mirrors in the bathrooms were a quarter inch too low. That is precisely why Cannon Township works so hard to keep a healthy fund balance. When we expanded our fire barn, we did so after saving up for it so we could pay cash. Federal stimulus dollars were available, but we knew that with those dollars came the restraints that would be placed on us by the feds. What was a million dollar project would become a five million dollar project, controlled by some big contractor from the east side of the state or Ohio or Pennsylvania. Cannon is proud of the fact that we were able to say to the feds, “Keep your money.” We have also run into this with our roads. Often, we have been told by the feds that we do not qualify for road improvements because, according to the feds, “not enough people have been injured.” So, we fixed intersections ourselves, in conjunction with the county road commission. Another example of the clueless federal government is this: federal law requires that absentee overseas and military ballots be sent 45 days before an election. Because elections are held on Tuesdays, that means that the fed requires that clerks send the ballots to those people on Saturday, when municipal offices are closed. There were four such ballots in Cannon this year. Those four ballots were electronically mailed on Monday, and confirmed that they were received. One was to a voter in the military, and his ballot has already been received at the Township. The others were to three people living overseas. For the feds, that isn’t good enough. Now, they are threatening a lawsuit against the State of Michigan because 70 clerks in the state sent the ballots out, but late. Only the feds. Of course, and sadly, some are using this to score political points. I am reminded of Spirit of ’76 and […]

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