August 25 2011

Rockford event proves dog park would be another huge hit

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Photos by BETH ALTENA Rock the Dam could have been called Rock the Dogs as the event had plenty of canine listeners and visitors as well as an impressive crowd of human music lovers. This should encourage organizers of the Rockford dog park, which is currently working on securing funding for the construction of the proposed park. These furry friends were just a few of the dogs who enjoyed the final performances of the first Rock the Dam event brought to you by Studio D2D’s Dan DeWard.                                                                                                

High school student opens own business

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Schneider meets others at Inventors group  by BETH ALTENA Since he was a youngster hanging out in the stockroom at Nordstrom’s, Richard Schneider was impressed with the men in suits using spreadsheets and tracking the sales of shoes. He knew someday he wanted to be in a suit, calculating the success of business, hopefully his own. Today, at age 17, the Rockford High School junior has a structured business plan, two interns, a chief strategy office, has consulted with the district’s superintendent, donates a portion of every sale to a charity, and is considering joining the Rockford Chamber of Commerce as president of his own business, Covert Eagle USA. “I compare what the competition charges and keep my prices lower,” said Schneider of his strategy for selling camouflage tape, his first product until he is able to expand into paintball products and eventually guns and ammunition. Schneider said it isn’t very easy as a minor to start your own business. “I had to give someone power of attorney,” he explained. He said he didn’t want to use a family member over age of 18 to sign his business paperwork because of liability. “If you use a family member and you default, they have the liability,” he said. “If you use a power of attorney and default, the liability is yours.” Schneider has no intention of defaulting in any case and, in fact, eagerly looks forward to expanding his business. Selling the camouflage tape at $10.50 a roll, he plans on saving any profits toward his goal. His product is new on the market this year and is the invention of another Michigan entrepreneur. Schneider has been attending the Grand Rapids Inventors Network (GRIN) since February. The organization is a gathering of innovative thinkers who have access to advisors in a variety of business aspects, such as patents and copyrights. There, Schneider met someone who had created the camouflage tape and was selling it out of a home office for his own business, Dynamic Solutions. The product is called Ghillie Tape, after the Irish Ghillie suits favored by snipers worldwide. Covert Eagle USA has had the benefit of support from Ellen Schmucker, volunteer and organizer of nonprofit Hats Off to Servicemembers. As Covert Eagles’s chief strategy […]

Rockford event raises $3,000 for charities

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The fifth annual Motorcycles for Mutts (& kitties too) ride was held on August 13. Despite a weather forecast for Rockford that kept many folks from attending, they had a fabulous day. The ride was routed to go to east and south of Rockford, so they only had about five miles of rain to contend with the whole day. It just goes to prove: If you don’t like the weather in Michigan, wait five minutes; it will change. Organizer Lori Vorpi of Vorpi Chiropractic stated, “We had 32 bikes and about 50 riders join us for the whole day to support C-SNIP and the ASPCA. We were able to raise $3,000 for our charities. C-SNIP has now performed over 70,000 low-cost and no-cost spay and neuter procedures.” Road captains Jason Fisher and Bill Mong and fellow road captains Russ Baker, Jim Pate and Paul Flanery planned the route for Saturday with an obvious vision for avoiding Mother Nature. The grand prize winner was John Ritter of Rockford. He was presented with two round-trip airline tickets donated by AirTran by Kristie Swan and C-SNIP Director Pat Schoen.

Gardeners and graves

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On Friday evening, Aug. 19, Rockford Garden Club President Kathy Healy and members master gardener Nancy Hoovler, Dave Hoovler and Tom Healy assessed the progress of the Rockford Lions Club renovation of the old Pioneer Cemetery next to North Rockford Middle School on Division. To assure a proper landscaping of this historical site, the Garden Club graciously accepted the Lions’ request for their expertise in converting an eyesore into a treasure. Perfectly, the result would be the cemetery as it was originally. Unfortunately, there are missing records, pictures and memories. Comments of longtime Rockford residents Helen Hessler, Bob Gunnell and Lois Gunnell confirm that even in their childhood it was a neglected place with broken and scattered gravestones. Photos or illustrations of the cemetery in its original condition would be of great help in its restoration. Please dig out your old family albums, find great-grandpa’s gravesite and help us restore this treasure to its original beauty. The Rockford Lions have presently opened up a pleasant wooded hillside and valley. Taking this, the Garden Club is marking trees to keep or cut, identifying invasive species to remove, assuring the present carpet of myrtle is protected and developing a site plan that enhances the cemetery’s natural beauty. In the meantime, cutting continues, and free firewood is stacked in the west parking lot. Bring your own saw and join us between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m. on Saturdays.

MAIN STREET by Roger Allen, publisher

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Don’t sweat the small stuff • The person behind you in the supermarket runs his cart into the back of your ankle. • The car behind rides your tail while you’re slowing down to find an address. • You open a can of soup and the lid falls in. • Your tire gauge lets out half the air while you try to get a reading. • There are always one or two ice cubes that won’t pop out of the tray. • The car behind you blasts its horn because you let a pedestrian finish crossing. • You set the alarm on your digital clock for 7 p.m. instead of 7 a.m. • You rub on hand cream and then can’t turn the bathroom doorknob to get out. • People behind you in a supermarket line dash ahead of you to a counter just opening up. Sweat the big stuff • The future of America may depend, permanently, on who we elect to Congress in the next election. The next Congress must include enough members willing to negotiate and compromise, or our paralyzed government will continue to sink us. • Our wars in the Middle East are nearly a decade old and American troops are still being killed there. These wars were funded with borrowed money and we’re now up to our ears in the resulting debt. • Deregulation and greed have strangled our economy. • The Feds need more money and that means more taxes, like it or not. • We are beginning what promises to be a long and nasty Presidential campaign. Father and son, #1 Six-year-old Alex complained to his mother, “ I’ve got a stomach ache.” “That’s because your stomach is empty,” she replied. “You’d feel better if you had something in it.” That afternoon Alex’s dad came home complaining that he’d suffered from a bad headache all day. Alex perked up. “That’s because it’s empty,” he said. “You’d feel better if you had something in it.” Father and son, #2 Ben was returning from the farmers market with a crate of chickens his farmer dad had entrusted to him. All of a sudden, the box fell off his wagon and the door fell open. Chickens scurried off in every direction. […]

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