Rockford father-daughter bond forged in fear


Family values explored in ‘The Meaning of Normal’ by BETH ALTENA Anyone who knows Phil Mann can concede he does a convincing creepy. Surprisingly, so does his daughter, lovely 16-year-old Tiffany, a straight-A student who will be a junior this year at Rockford High School. The two were recently featured in a news segment titled […]

Dr. Dater leaves for Ukraine on dental mission

Dr. Dater works with Ukraine children.

For the second consecutive year, Dr. Steven Dater, accompanied by his son Sam and daughter Stephanie, is traveling to the Ukraine with the Ukrainian Children’s Project. The Ukrainian Children’s project is a nonprofit organization that helps orphan children in Vinnitsa Oblast, Ukraine, which is about four hours south of Kiev, with all their most basic […]

Teen killed, two others injured in accident


A 16-year-old Cedar Springs teen was killed and two other teens were critically injured Thursday morning, August 23, when the car they were riding in ran off the road and hit a tree. According to Kent County Sheriff Sgt. James Loughrin, the accident occurred about 8:20 a.m. The 16-year-old male driver and two male passengers […]

Stakes are high in blood drive challenge


Kurlyowicz to be ‘mohawked’ if 40 units are raised Don Kurlyowicz has been through plenty in his long story of the Village of Cannonsburg. The owner of most of the business ventures in the village, Kurlyowicz happily gives back to the community all the time, but in a big way every two years with a […]

BIRTHDAYS September 1–7

1 Linda Donker, Millie Groen, Brenda Heath, Sarah McLellan, Scott Pratt 2 Wanette Abshire, Brad Des Noyers, John Hone, Robby Kuntz John Winks, Marilyn Ziomkowski 3 Ron Blenman, Anna Ellen, Joel Rietsema 4 Judy Baer, Doug Behnke, Isaac Blenman, Rose Doering Travis Fase, Sharon Pickerd 5 Mike Bolthouse 6 Shirley Burtt, Sara Haas, Ivan Judson, Kym Steffes, Helen Woodard 7 Faith Clark, Marilyn Neidhart