Bear Cub Scouts

Bear Cub Scouts visit Cannon Township Offices

April 8, 2009 // 0 Comments

Paying taxes isn’t fun for adults, but did prove to be entertaining to the third grade Bear Cub Scouts from Crestwood Elementary on a recent visit to the Cannon Township offices. As part of their rank achievements, the boys received a tour of both the township government offices and the fire department. Township treasurer, Jim LaPeer, gave the boys a brief overview of each of the divisions of the township government. The boys asked several questions on taxes and how they are used to benefit their school. After reviewing how a tax statement is broken down and what the money is used for, they helped Melissa Soderstrom post an actual tax payment into the township system. Conservation of the township resources was another area of concern for theboys. Chris James, zoning administrator, provided the Scouts with maps of the local wetland areas and the new recreational trail that connects the township to nearby Townsend Park. The new trail allows township residents and visitors the ability to enjoy the beauty of the township in a non-invasive way to the natural wildlife. The maps were presented to the boys’ teachers to help all the students in the school learn more about the township where they live. Following their government tour, the boys toured the local fire department.  Captain Jerry Herrington reviewed safety procedures with the boys and they were able to explore each of the fire trucks, rescue vehicles and equipment used by the firemen.