October 17–23 Birthdays

October 15, 2009 // 0 Comments

17th Jim Bennor 18th Melissa Posci, Helen Poulias, Mark Williams 19th Beth Colvin, Joyce Torrey, Kristie Lynn Zaph 20th Ryan DeLarme, Millie Thornton, Caroline Ward 21st Jason Barton, Virginia Fowle, Faye Nelson 22nd Joanne Cooper, Kathy Rule, Todd VanBelkum 23rd Shirley Curtis, Vicki Klinger, Merrill Post

Birthdays — October 10-16, 2009

October 8, 2009 // 0 Comments

10th Jean Boyd, Louise Foster, Gordon McCready 11th Wilfred Paull 100th birthday 12th Elaine Clark 13th Barb Dirkmaat, Baylee Reed, Shirley VerHage 15th Jeff Havemeier, Ward Oberholtzer, Diana Reed 16th Corey Barton, Norraine Fix, Ken Fusee, Cole Karrip

Happy birthday, Mr. Clean

October 8, 2009 // 0 Comments

Rockford’s “Mr. Clean,” Gerry Pike, will celebrate his 99th birthday on Monday, October 12, 2009. Part, if not much, of his longevity can be attributed to his ever-abiding upbeat attitude. This life-sustaining personality trait was dealt a serious blow recently. The love of his life, wife Dorotha, passed away on Sept. 8, just two days before her 98th birthday. The couple would have been married 78 years on Nov. 19 this year. A note or a card would go a long way toward reviving Gerry’s spirits on his special day. Greetings may be sent to: Gerry Pike, 8777 Courtland Dr. NE, Rockford, MI 49341.

Birthdays — October 3-9

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3rd Iona Klinger, Kimberly Smith 4th Suzanne Grover, Matthew Mawby, Nicole Renee Poddig, Linda TenBrink 5th Ellie Landheer, Marion Miller 6th Rebecca Bartlett, Shirley Gilman, Michael Kunkel Jr., Donna Mitchell, Nancy Seeley 7th Judy Raible 8th Sandra Doyle 9th Ruth Grudzinskas, Opal Hanson, Bryan Havemeier

Birthdays – September 19-25

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19th Paul Krupp, Haley Pilgrim, Roberta Sheils, Roberta Shripka 20th Alton Klinger, John Luton, Stacey Schluckebier 21st Richard Amon, Ruth Denick 22nd Jack Ferguson, Bev Maher 23rd Lois Ives, Ursula James, Lola Leder, Alyce Milligan, Fran Pleune 24th Char Krupp, Jerry Rodel, Paul Sedrowski, Andy Tidey 25th Betty Houting, Frank Phillips

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