Bush Tax Cuts

THE TAX ATTIC with Jerry Coon

December 23, 2010 // 0 Comments

Bush Tax Cuts extended two years   One of the reasons I enjoy writing this article for The Rockford Squire is they graciously allow me to write about areas other than income tax. I have taken advantage of that graciousness to write about a variety of subjects such as fishing in Canada, hunting in Marion, attending sprint car races in Iowa, and traveling with my family to various places around the United States. I do try to use those other topics to segue into the tax world. Sometimes that is a bit of a challenge. As many of you know, I got involved in a different type of challenge this fall. I ran for election to the Rockford City Council. The campaign had its fun moments, but it was hard work also. However, I was successful. I was elected on November 9, and have now attended two council meetings. It has been interesting. I have found that there are many activities going on in the City, including large projects such as Wolverine’s Tannery project and the 10 Mile Corridor project; smaller ones such as the extending of the Nature Trail Boardwalk and working with the Chamber of Commerce on the Santa Parade; and day-to-day activities such as keeping the snow cleared and maintaining the wells for the city water. I am quite impressed with how Michael Young, our city manager, manages all of those projects. After discussing various topics with him and seeing him in action, it is easy to see that we are fortunate to have him as our city manager. I realize his middle name is not Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, but Michael seems to have made and does make many correct decisions. He runs an efficient ship and has put together a great staff that works well together. Longevity is one of the keys to being efficient and, as I found out at the staff’s Christmas party, there is much longevity at Rockford. Michael is celebrating his 15th year as our city manager. Derek Haan, Michael Miller and Chris Bedford are celebrating their 20th years. Jamie Davies, David Robinson and Jeff Dood are in their 10th years, and Greg Young is in his fifth year of working on the […]