Cameron Soper

Birth dates send Rockford woman’s story around the world

November 12, 2010 // 0 Comments

Story published in 20 different languages by BETH ALTENA Barbie Soper said she is glad no one reads Albanian, because she was misquoted in that article. The world-famous Rockford mother of three who had her children on 8/8/08, 9/9/09 and 10/10/10 said the publicity she is receiving is far beyond anything that she could have imagined. “When I had her [10-10 baby Ciera] the nurse told me ‘You’re going to get some media attention, you need to be ready for it.” Soper said. She thought maybe there would be a little blurb about her third remarkable birth, but what happened next was beyond her imagination. “The story is in 20 different languages,” Soper said. She is surprised to be quoted by media sources to which she never talked, including one in Michigan who said she called baby Ciera “a perfect ten.” “She is a baby, not a model. I wouldn’t have said that,” she said. Soper was interviewed, however, by other news sources, including a radio station in Australia, K-Lite in Santa Barbara, Calif., the Associated Press, the Grand Rapids Press, USA Today and “Inside Edition.” She said the “Ellen” show staff called and asked her to stop doing interviews, because they wanted her on the show. Soper said the show’s producers never called her back, a disappointment (Ellen, you should call and apologize). Soper said she didn’t know worldwide media could act so fast, and the unexpected excitement over her children’s birthdates has been fun. “It’s kind of funny,” she said. The Australian radio talkshow host wished her a good morning for her interview, although the time here in Rockford was 5:30 p.m. She was amused to be interviewed by a show she used to listen to, “Mojo in the Morning” on a Detroit radio station. She has a bumper sticker advertising the show, and never expected to be on it. The family had to close off their Facebook page to just friends because they were getting messages from around the world and in many different languages. That part was fine, but they were worried about their ability to keep up with the incoming information and no longer felt the site was safe to have open to the public. “It’s crazy how many articles come […]