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Cannonsburg presents Crandle as Example in Excellence

May 10, 2012 // 0 Comments

Natural-born leader is a gem at Cannonsburg Elementary Lauren Crandle is the daughter of Chris and Darren and sister to Evan, 12, Hannah, 7, and Emma, 5. Lauren is known among her teachers and classmates as helpful, compassionate and responsible. She is described as responsible and mature beyond her age. Always willing to help, Lauren is eager to do what is asked of her and always goes above and beyond the request. Lauren has been a member of Student Council and was vice president in fourth grade and president currently. An energetic achiever, Lauren is involved with the Ragazze girls club where she works with other girls on how to make good choices, physically and emotionally. She is a talented mentor who is described as an “awesome” RAM Buddy. Lauren’s teachers describe her as “wise beyond her years” and a student who demonstrates poise and confidence. “She never fails to give her personal best while working independently and with others.” This “natural-born leader” is a gem at Cannonsburg Elementary,” staff there report. Her teachers love working with her and say she will always have a special place in their memory. They cannot wait to see what great things she will accomplish in her life. Kindhearted, friendly and quick to put others before herself, Lauren is motivated by her love of Jesus and desire to serve Him. Talented in many ways, Lauren created the winning bookmark in the Grand Rapids Public Library contest. She took all the initiative in that project on herself, an example of her enthusiasm and energy. An excellent student, Lauren is a regular on the Honor Roll. Among Lauren’s hobbies are participating in soccer, volleyball, gymnastics, kayaking and dance (hip hop and ballet). She also loves art, crafts, reading and playing the piano. She is a member of the FLIPS at Blythefield Hills Baptist Church where she incorporates dance into worship. She is in Nature Club and Brownies. Leaving a legacy of fond memories and a belief in her bright future and continued good works, Lauren is recognized by both her teachers and her fellow students as an Example in Excellence at Cannonsburg Elementary School.

Odyssey of the Mind teams soar at state finals

April 26, 2012 // 0 Comments

Breaking all records previously set, 14 Rockford teams competed at the state finals on Davenport University’s campus against the brightest and most creative students in Michigan. Teams traveled from all over Michigan to compete, from Suttons Bay to Brighton, and creative  teams converged to compete for the top two places that will reward them with a trip to the world finals competition in late May. All 14 Rockford teams that competed placed seventh or above. The Roguewood, Cannonsburg and Parkside elementary teams received Honorable Mention status, while the Cannonsburg Elementary and two teams from North Rockford Middle School both received bronze medals for a third-place finish. The teams who will represent Rockford at the world finals are: three teams North Rockford Middle School, two teams from East Rockford Middle School, and two teams from Rockford High School. In addition, two Rockford teams received the highly coveted Ranatra Fusca award which, if chosen, will automatically advance a team to the next level. Cannonsburg Elementary School and Rockford High School each received this award, boosting the world finals team count to eight. To round out a wonderfully, creative, sunny and successful day, two senior Odyssey alumni received the Michigan Odyssey of the Mind scholarship. Congratulations go to Evanne Zainea and Alexis Lawton. Congratulations also go to all the hardworking Odyssey of the Mind teams, coaches and parents, who represented Rockford successfully. They are wished the best of luck at the world finals competition in May.


October 27, 2011 // 0 Comments

Creating a safe, positive learning environment  by CINDY KITZROW Principal, Cannonsburg Elementary School Director of Library and Media Services October is designated as National Bullying Prevention Month. Communities nationwide are urged to take an active role to prevent bullying. It takes the entire school community to create an inviting school where everyone feels they belong and are safe. We all need to work together—administrators, teachers and school staff; parents and students can stop bullying. Promoting this environment of health and safety is a community-wide responsibility. All students need to feel safe and secure in order to learn, and learning entails much more than academics. Prevention efforts must recognize the role of the peer group as well as the relationship between the person who bullies and the person who is bullied. Effective prevention programs promote positive and just practices, while also setting firm limits of unacceptable behavior. Rockford Public Schools has created exemplary programs to reduce bullying and its detrimental effects on our students. These programs convey expectations of respectful behavior by crafting our district bullying policy and guidelines. Capturing Kids Hearts is one of our bullying prevention programs. Staff and students have developed strategies that help to ensure each student’s positive experience in each of our schools. It is a process that helps the adults in a school work with the students so that together they create a school culture that is mutually respecting, caring and celebrating the dignity of all. The goal is for students to become self-disciplined, accept the responsibility for their actions, and devise ways to prevent the recurrence of negative behaviors. The adult works with the student, guiding the decision-making process. Our motto has become, “If you capture a child’s heart, you capture their mind.” Ram Buddies is a program aimed at helping students with various needs form meaningful relationships with a “buddy.” The peers will initiate opportunities to provide support, encouragement and friendship. Throughout the year, the students who participate will join in a series of organized team-building activities and fun events that will provide them with strategies and opportunities to build relationships. Our library media specialists integrate cyber safety and digital citizenship while teaching our students how to use the Internet for research. Sixth- through 12th-graders are taught about […]

Cannonsburg Elementary School’s Natalie Frank is Example in Excellence

July 14, 2011 // 0 Comments

Student has a quiet confidence and generous spirit Natalie Frank, 10, is the daughter of Dan and Carolyn Frank and sister to Cameron. At Cannonsburg Elementary School, Natalie’s teachers and staff describe her as a student with a positive attitude and spirit of service. She is always willing to help another student and her patience, kindness and teamwork are always evident. She enjoys volunteering and helps younger students get to their busses at the end of the school day. Natalie never fails to show care and concern for others. She is always the student to include others and help them feel like part of the team. She has a strong sense of civic duty and participates on the student council at her school and is vice president. She has been involved in safety patrol, Jump Rope for Heart, and the Recycling Club. Natalie’s teachers say she has a quiet confidence that is impossible to teach, a trait that comes from within. Her outgoing personality and generous spirit motivate her to become involved with many activities at school. She constantly strives to improve herself and to help others do their best as well. She is a ray of sunshine and her positive attitude translates into positive action. “Natalie has an amazing understanding of fairness,” her teachers state. “She always wants to do what is right and fair to help others. She also has a passionate love of learning. She coaches herself through subjects she may have a difficult time with, such as multiplication facts. She stayed positive the entire time and worked hard until she had them.” In addition to being chosen as vice president of student council at Cannonsburg, Natalie in the past has been recognized for her artwork. Her Odyssey of the Mind team made it all the way to state finals in 2009. Her free time is spent dancing for the Dance Dimension competitive team. She also loves gymnastics, skiing and baking. For her spirit of service, positive attitude and constant commitment to helping others, Natalie is Cannonsburg Elementary School’s Example in Excellence for 2011.    

Rockford takes wins in Odyssey regionals

March 24, 2011 // 0 Comments

Rockford teams took plenty of wins in regional competition March 19 at Greenville Middle School. Rockford sent 24 competitive teams and five primary teams—grades kindergarten through second, non-competitive. Advancing to state finals on April 16 at Davenport University are the following. In Division I are the following teams that took first place: Cannonsburg Elementary School Team A, Belmont Elementary School and North Rockford Middle School Team B. Advancing after a second-place win is Roguewood Elementary School Team B. Advancing after a third-place win are Roguewood Elementary School Team A and Cannonsburg Elementary School Team B. Advancing after a fourth-place win is Valley View Elementary School Team A. In Division II, North Rockford Middle School Team A took first, East Rockford Middle School Team B took second and North Rockford Middle School Team C took third. In Division III, Rockford High School took first place. Teams that placed—honorable mention—but will not advance are Crestwood Elementary School, East Rockford Middle School Team A, North Rockford Middle School Team B, Roguewood Elementary School Team B, Crestwood Elementary School and East Rockford Middle School. Four Rockford teams and one Rockford parent also received special awards. John Merchun received an Outstanding OMer award for his volunteering positive attitude. Cannonsburg Elementary School Team B received an Outstanding OMer award for their problem- solving under pressure. North Rockford Middle School Team A received the Coveted Ranatra Fusca award for outstanding creativity, and Roguewood Elementary School Team A received the Ranatra Fusca award for outstanding creativity in their performance. The Odyssey of the Mind teaches students to learn creative problem-solving methods while having fun in the process. By tapping into creativity, and through encouraging imaginative paths to problem-solving, students learn skills that will provide them with the ability to solve problems—great and small—for a lifetime. The Odyssey of the Mind teaches students how to think divergently by providing open-ended problems that appeal to a wide range of interests. Students learn how to identify challenges and to think creatively to solve those problems. They are free to express their ideas and suggestions without fear of criticism. The creative problem-solving process rewards thinking “outside of the box.” Odyssey organizer Linda Blackmore said, “Too often we give our children answers to remember rather than problems to […]

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