Carolyn A. Wills

Thankful for newspapers

April 1, 2009 // 0 Comments

Dear Editor, I Received my absentee voter’s ballot for the May 5 election-Local School District Board Member (one only) and Community College Board of Trustees Members (eight total). Wanting to find out who these persons on the ballot were, and what they might represent, I called the Kent Community College, hoping to be able to find information. I was referred to the Kent County Clerk’s office. They, in turn referred me to the Kent County Board of Election office. Still no information. (Election Board- no information)? The Election Board office referred me to the Grand Rapid Press. Well, of course. However, they don’t do any publicity on the election until about a week before-otherwise readers just forget about it. So still no information. However, the Grand Rapids Press referred me to a website: which is a rather easy website to use, and check “Department of Elections,” Candidates/Proposal” and information available will be as current as possible. My, and newspapers are dropping like flies. Where would I be without my newspaper(s)! Support your local newspapers! Carolyn A. Wills