Mazur farewell celebration packed with officers, family

A FAMILY PROFESSION—The man who started it all is  Henry Roesler Jr., (second from right) former mayor of the City of Montague, chief of police there for 16 years and boasting 37 years on the force. He was the inspiration behind his nephew, Scott Mazur, to become a law enforcement officer. Of five boys, Roesler said, four went into police work in addition to three nephews who chose the career. Mazur (center) is pictured here with Dave Roesler, Henry Roesler Jr., Sgt. Doug Roesler and Kent County Sheriff Dean Roesler.

by BETH ALTENA A bittersweet goodbye celebration ended the career of long-time Rockford Officer Lt. Scott Mazur Friday, April 29 at Rockford City Hall. It would apparently have been a good time to commit a crime, as it seemed every law enforcement officer in the county was present, from Cedar Springs Police Chief Roger Parent […]