City of Rockford Leaf Disposal

City reminds residents to bag leaves

October 13, 2011 // 0 Comments

Leaf season is here and the City of Rockford has begun its fall leaf pickup system. Starting immediately and until we start receiving significant snowfall, you may rake LEAVES ONLY to the parkway (the area between the sidewalk and curb). The City asks that you do not rake these leaves into the street. You must place all other material in bags and those will be picked up on the regular schedule. If it snows lightly during this time, the Department of Public Services will pick up your leaves as soon as the machine can get back on the road. As great as this system has worked for the City, the Public Services staff will inevitably miss an occasional bag or pile of leaves from time to time. If you have materials that were missed, please call the City offices at (616) 866-1537 and we will take care of this as soon as possible. Please remember that some materials should not be placed in bags (sod, dirt, rocks) and that the weight of the bags should not exceed 30 pounds. Thanks for your help in making this system work.