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Words on Weather & Climate — May 27, 2010

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The Great Global Warming Blunder Every time I go into a bookstore or library, I can’t get past the first display without noticing all the new books about the so-called catastrophe of global warming. Is there anything available that supports what I consider to be the more correct point of view? Yes, there are quite a few, you just have to look a little harder to find [...]

Words on Weather & Climate — May 20, 2010

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Cold Spots by CRAIG JAMES Meteorologist Craig James, new Squire columnist It was a very cold start to the month of May in much of the western part of the country. Subzero low temperatures were recorded as late as the morning of May 7, making this the latest date for such cold temperatures in at least a decade. In fact, a place called Peter Sink, Utah, dropped to 15 below [...]

Words on Weather & Climate — May 13, 2010

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Snowfall by CRAIG JAMES I didn’t see any snowflakes in our area this past Saturday, May 8, but they weren’t far away. There was a light dusting on the ground Saturday morning as far south as Cadillac. Farther north, up to four inches fell east of Atlanta in Montmorency County with considerable damage to tree branches reported. In the Upper Peninsula, almost seven [...]

Words on Weather & Climate

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Glaciers by CRAIG JAMES In North America’s Glacier National Park there were about 150 glaciers when the park was established in 1910. By the beginning of this year, the number was down to 37. Here are comparison pictures of the Boulder Glacier in 1932 and in 2005. You can see in this picture of the Easton Glacier in the Cascade Mountains in the state of Washington the [...]
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