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Education Blackboard — December 23, 2009

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Students see government at work Over 90 fourth-grade students, teachers and parents from Crestwood Elementary School were able to see our government at work first hand as they traveled to Lansing for their annual government field trip. The trip gave the students a chance to see how our three branches of government—the executive, legislative and judicial—work together in their tours of the State Capital and Supreme Court building. Students were also given a peek into the past at the Michigan Historical Museum. While waiting for their capital tour to begin, the students in Judy Grifhorst’s class were treated to a tour of a senator’s office. “I never imagined the office being so big!” said Stacy Barker. “We even got to sit in his chair,” added Trent Johnson. “I think he was a Republican, because there was a lot of elephants in his room.” As the students began their formal tour of the capital, they were awed by the many unique features of the building. “My favorite part was lying on the glass floor and looking up into the dome and seeing the stars!” exclaimed Courtney Lawrence, and many students agreed. In addition to the stars, Greer Stuart added that he also enjoyed “looking up at all the beautiful paintings.” The students were encouraged to look down for fossils hidden in the tiles of the floor. Following a tour of the governor’s office and the Senate and House of Representative wings of the building, the students headed to the Michigan Supreme Court Building. The Supreme Court building offered many hands-on exhibits. “I liked pretending to be a judge for a court session. It was so awesome!” stated Clarissa Mousel. Students also had a chance to experience what it is like to be drunk while trying to drive, using special goggles. A quick trip back in time was enjoyed by all at the Michigan Historical Museum. From lumberjack camps to the mining cave, the students experienced what it was like to live in Michigan during its early history. Many of the students were intrigued with the war exhibits, especially the one centering on World War II. “I imagined being in the bomber plane flying over enemy territory,” said Asa Huffaker. “It feels like you were right there […]

Letters to the Editor

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Crestwood kids explain grant Dear Editor, We are the Turquoise Team at Crestwood Elementary School that received the Rockford Education Foundation (REF) grant for the “skylights” that was written about in the REF article in November. We were so excited to see our grant written up for all of Rockford to read about. We would like to give you some additional details about these “skylights” so everyone understands why REF gave them to us. We want to share with all of you what our grant will do! Our team would like to explain: The skylights will help us concentrate because they make the florescence lights less bright in our room. Florescence lights flicker and make buzzing noises. The skylights get rid of the buzzing and the flickering. They help us to concentrate more. They will make us feel like we are outside and nature makes us feel calm. It will make us feel like we’re in the forest. Thank you again, REF, for your support for our idea and we can’t wait until the day they are installed! Mrs. Sanders’ and Mrs. Schroeder’s second-graders Crestwood Elementary School Rockford

Brownie Troop 3551 earns badges

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BADGES EARNED—Brownie Troop 3551 from Crestwood Elementary School earns “make-it, eat-it” badges at Blythefield Country Club with Chef Jeff Hiler. The girls made caramel apples and pizza. Pictured are (front, l–r) Claire Froumis, Sydney McCreery, Anna Hodsdon, Sophia Stauffer, Dana Brouse; (back) Lauren Kostus, Rachel Gamm, Sydney Reinke, Regan Dalton, Ashlee Wheaton, Baylie Jenkins, and Nicole Alexander.

Rockford Education Foundation awards fall grants

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The second-graders in Mrs. Sanders’ and Mrs. Schroder’s Crestwood Elementary classes will have special light diffusers coming to their classrooms very soon. A student grant was awarded to this second-grade class by the Rockford Education Foundation (REF) last week. These students requested light lenses for the fluorescent light fixtures in their classroom. The students put in their own words their needs for these light diffusers or, as they called them, “skylights.” These diffusers have a photo printed on them, giving the effect of looking up to the trees or clouds. This request so moved the REF that a surprise presentation of the grant approval was recently held in the students’ classroom. In addition to the student grant, the REF awarded 69 grant requests from community members, teachers and staff of Rockford Public Schools, Our Lady of Consolation, Assumption BVM, and Rockford Christian School for a total distribution of $35,035.93. In addition, an annual $1,000 grant was awarded to Rockford Seniors Unlimited. The REF gives out “mini” grants—those totaling less than $400—and “large” grants—those totaling between $401 and $3000. A few of the mini grants approved this year included “Snap” circuits to build electrical and electronic circuits, art history teaching DVDs, GPS receivers for geocaching classes, as well as various teaching programs for reading, math and music classes. The large grants funded this year included materials to support and enhance phonemic awareness for resource room students, and a program to provide fourth-graders the opportunity to raise Chinook Salmon eggs to be released into the Grand River. Also awarded were online math resources, a music file storage system for the Rockford Area Arts Commission, trees for a botanical park at North Rockford Middle School, as well as headphones and light diffusers for students with sensory and movement challenges. The REF will again award grants in January. The deadline for grant applications is January 13, 2010. Applications can be found on the REF website at You can also find the REF on Facebook.

Crestwood premieres Rockin’ Walkin’ Pregame Bash

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  As a new twist to school PTA fundraisers, the students at Crestwood Elementary participated in the school’s first Rockin’ Walkin’ Pregame Bash at North Rockford Middle School on October 2. Over $14,000 was raised by the students through pledges they received and food and activity fees. “The Crestwood PTA wanted to try a different approach to fundraising this year,” according to organizer Lorrie Haney. “Our goal was to have only one fundraiser for the school, to make it fun, and to have all the proceeds go to Crestwood. A walk-a-thon seemed the perfect solution.” Each grade took a turn at walking around the gym track for 20 minutes. The Rockford Ram mascot was on hand to encourage the students in their efforts. Walkers were also greeted by cheers from a group of junior cheerleaders from Crestwood, and emcee for the evening was fourth-grade teacher Mr. Fowle.   While waiting for their turn to walk, students enjoyed the carnival-type atmosphere by playing in bounce houses, participating in face-painting and tattoos, and enjoying fun foods. A highlight of the night was a massive game of dodgeball with the students against fifth-grade teacher Mr. Karel, gym teacher Mr. Tucker, and school principal Mr. Hoogerland.   “The Crestwood families are so supportive and involved with the school, and the support from the Crestwood staff is amazing,” said Haney. “We walked and celebrated our success at the Rockin’ Walkin’ Pregame Bash. The fundraiser turned out to be very fun and successful.”    

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