Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts birthday

Kaleidoscoops helps celebrate Scouting birthdays

July 2, 2009 // 0 Comments

Nothing is better than ice cream to help celebrate a birthday, and Kaleidoscoops on West River Drive offered just that to local Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts. To honor their organizations’ birthdays this year, Scouts received a special birthday certificate for a free kid’s ice cream cone. “This is just one way we can show our appreciation to the kids involved in Scouting, for all their hard work in our community,” said Mark Wiersum, owner. A special program was also offered this year to local schools to reward kids for meeting their academic goals. “Whole families-parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and siblings-came in to help celebrate their students’ achievements. It is fun to hear from the kids what they are doing in school and to know that we are making their learning a little more special, too, with our treats,” said Wiersum. Kaleidoscoops has also been chosen as the official ice cream caterer to the West Michigan Whitecaps, and provides the ice cream cakes for the stadium’s parties. In addition to ice cream products, the store also offers treats for all times of day, from specialty coffees and fresh-baked goods to homemade sandwiches.