Dar’s Gems

New jewelry store hopes to add to Rockford’s shopping appeal

November 25, 2009 // 0 Comments

Darlene Albertson hopes holiday shoppers will be drawn to her wares and continue to visit after the traditional season of giving. Dar’s Gems and Jewelry opened for business on November 12 at 67 Bridge Street, downtown Rockford. With a motto of “quality at low prices,” Albertson is firm about informing her customers when making a fine jewelry purchase. She points out her array of diamond rings. “Diamonds can be almost any color of the rainbow,” she said. She said most diamonds are heat treated, sometimes right at the mine, but most diamond shoppers are never informed of this. Her diamonds—black, yellow, champagne and other colors—are irradiated to be the way they would a million years from now. “I will not sell a stone without telling people most stones are treated,” she stated. “If they were a natural yellow, they would cost five times this.” Diamonds are not all Albertson’s gem store has to offer. With a fondness for amethyst and quartz, especially quartz mixed with other properties, the 16-foot display case glitters with color and texture. She buys from cutters in Thailand, New York and around the world. Thailand, she said, is the cutting capital of the world and provides some of her favorites. “It is all real jewelry. There is no fake or fraud behind this display case,” she stated. On the other side of the display, Anderson stocks some fun costume jewelry for the lighter purchase. Her store also has room for plenty more, and friends and family will offer some other wares. In stock on the second day for business were also soaps, candles, bath salts and woodcrafts. Albertson came into the business after her father died. A stone cutter for over 20 years, he had product left. “I was not at all interested,” she said. Later, she was able to look over what he’d left and became fascinated with the beauty of the stones and jewelry. Looking for a location in Rockford to open her store, Albertson seemed just a little too late each time she considered a spot. “Every time, the location had just been rented,” she said. She had her eye on a neighboring storefront to her current location, but it was twice rented before she could talk to […]