December 15 2011

It’s never too late for Toys for Tots

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Frank Savickas of Toys for Tots cleared some items from The Rockford Squire’s Toys for Tots box located at our office, 331 Northland Drive (by the Michigan State Police Post). Savickas said this year’s campaign ends soon, but reminds shoppers that it is really never too late to donate. “Anything that comes in late we just save for next year,” he stated. Toys for Tots asks for new, unwrapped items for children, including but not limited to toys. Now more than ever, it is helpful to pick up a few extra items, especially if the pre and post Christmas sales are too good to pass up. “There are so many needy kids and parents right now, the way things are,” Savickas said.

Vandalism spoils skating on Mill Pond

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What’s wrong with this picture? Lion Bob Winegar and the Rockford Lions are here to tell you. It seems this past week, while the Lions were preparing the Rum Creek Nature Trail Mill Pond skating rink for this season they discovered that vandals had other ideas of what constitutes fun. Squire readers will recall how in the fall of 2010 the Lions, as a community service project, had cleared the shoreline and removed dead trees and brush that had fallen into the pond. In doing so, the Lions had reclaimed what had in days of yore been Rockford’s idyllic Mill Pond skating rink. Rockford Public Schools generously provided a large floodlight to illuminate the pond’s surface during evening hours. Needless to say the pond was a huge success last winter, drawing children and adults of all ages. So last week with freezing cold weather finally upon us, the Lions began to fill the pond to capacity by pumping water from the adjacent Rum Creek. The pond was just beginning to skim over with ice when, during evening hours last weekend, some culprits (putting it mildly) decided to spoil the fun for everyone. The story picture shows the southern end of the one-acre Mill Pond strewn with thrown logs and debris that had been purposely pitched onto the surface. Some of the pieces, which appear to be fence posts, had actually impaled themselves into the pond’s bottom and are protruding upwards. One might think it would be easy just to go out and remove the garbage but the ice, at this point, is unsafe to venture out on. Once the ice is safe, it will be impossible to clear the surface because it will be frozen solid in place. Now we know the vandals won’t be reading this and own up to their misdeeds but we’re sure someone out there, either parents or otherwise, who knows who they are. At the very least please talk some sense into their heads. Better yet contact the Rockford Police with an anonymous tip.  

MAIN STREET by Roger Allen, publisher

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A personal thanks …to all the people who have put up pretty Christmas decorations. No, I don’t have any myself yet, but the rest of you make the town look beautiful. Lacking in smarts I’ve been noticing all those squirrels around town and how they keep running into the roads. They’re fearless. Sometimes they stop in the middle and stare at me. Given that living creatures, over time, develop ways of surviving, I’d think that the smart ones would be afraid of cars. All the others, the dumb ones, would have been crow food by now. Apparently brain evolution evolves slower than the combustion engine. Not so smart A couple of newspaper bloopers (not ours): • “Chairman Billings asked Board members to muster support from parent-teacher groups to support the governor on driving while intoxicated.” • “He hasn’t even had his day in court yet, but Simon Wynne has been kicked off the ESU basketball team after being arrested and accused of driving a parked car while intoxicated.” Smart On her way back from the concession stand, the girl asked a man at the end of the row, “Pardon me, but did I step on your foot a few minutes ago?” Expecting an apology, the man said, “Indeed you did.” The girl smiled. “Oh good,” she said, “then this is my row.” Very smart Kenny, a city boy, moved to the country and bought a donkey from an old farmer for $100. The farmer pocketed the money and agreed to deliver the donkey the next day. “Sorry, son,” said the farmer when he got to Kenny’s house the next morning. “I have some bad news. The donkey died.” Kenny: “Well then, just give me my money back.” Farmer: “Can’t do that. I already went and spent it.” Kenny: “Okay then, just unload the donkey.” Farmer: What ya gonna do with him?” Kenny: “I’m going to raffle him off.” Farmer: “You can’t raffle off a dead donkey!” Kenny: “Sure I can. Watch me. I just won’t tell anybody he’s dead.” A month later the farmer met up with Kenny again. “What happened with that dead donkey?” he asked. Kenny: “Like I said, I raffled him off. I sold 500 tickets at two dollars each and made […]

BIRTHDAYS — December 17–23

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17 Alyce Hole, Adam Sivins 18 Susan Bedor, Charlie Johnson, Marie Norman, Marguerite Sweat,Chuck VanOeffelen 19 Lucille Stotz 20 Michael Klinger, Mike Krupp, Carol Pratt, Bea Scrote Bill Thornton 21            Chris Ackerman 22            Meagan Bandemer Jackson Cavner James Christopher Bernard May Lori Sivins 23            Craig Ackerman Clarence Allen Holly Cavner Carole Knox Mike TenBrink

Dog park to be better than expected after $17,000 raised

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Field to be enlarged, shelter included by BETH ALTENA     Happy Hounds Dog Walk organizers knew they were going to meet their goal of raising a minimum of $15,000 for a dog park in Rockford when, on the day of the walk, the registration line extended out the door of the Community Cabin. What they didn’t realize until after the event, was that the Rockford community not only meet but exceeded their expectations with donations totalling  $17,000. The group and city officials met for a ceremonial check donation on the site of what will certainly now be a bigger, better dog park than originally expected. “We did it quicker and raised more money than we expected,” said Emily Weinmann, one of the organizers of both the dog park and Happy Hounds Dog Walk. She was on hand for the donation of a ceremonial  $10,000 check from the Happy Hounds to the dog park on Thursday, December 8. A first-annual Happy Hounds Walk featured vendors’ booths, breadsticks by Florentine’s Pizzeria and Sports Bar (with all profits donated to the park), a costume contest and a walk through downtown Rockford and the White Pine Trail. The event was wildly successful with over 100 dogs and not a single incident of aggression or misunderstanding between the canines. The goal of $15,000 for the park was not only met following the one-day event, but surpassed, although there will continue to be other fundraisers for more amenities, such as benches. “There isn’t another community in this area with a dog park,” Weinmann had stated before City Council earlier in the summer when presenting the pros of the project. “This could be another example of Rockford being a first to set an example.” She noted that it is proven that dogs that socialize with other dogs are better behaved and less likely to bite or be aggressive. The City had earlier given a group of residents a year to raise an estimated $15,000 for the fencing of an abandoned ball field on City Property on the banks of the Rogue River south of Pickett Park. Originally organizers had proposed the project and asked if the City would consider funding parts of the project. Councilmember Brien Dews objected, saying that in lean times […]

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