December 17 2009

The Tax Attic — by Roger Allen, publisher

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Issues beyond our comprehension My minister, Rick Tigchon, recently based his sermon on a Dr. Seuss book concerning going “beyond z.” The point of Rick’s sermon was that from time to time, we encounter events that simply just are not explainable. They go beyond our comprehension. They go where our alphabet currently ends at “z.” Of course, the number one example of this, especially applicable at this Christmas season, was the pregnancy of Mary and the subsequent birth of Christ. Mary was a virgin. Now that really was “beyond z.” All other events pale in comparison to this, but I do have one of my own to pass on. This past week, I was driving to the office on Northland Drive near 12 Mile Road when two deer just shot across the road in front of me. There was lots of traffic and they were lucky to clear all five lanes without getting hit. We all know the basic rule of thumb when it comes to deer—they travel in threes—so as I slowly continued on to the north, I looked into the woods where the other two deer came from. Sure enough, the third deer was standing in the woods. I kept watch in my rearview mirror and was surprised at what I saw. That third deer slowly walked up to the shoulder of the road and stood there, apparently looking and watching for cars to go by. When he was satisfied it was safe, he jumped across the road. Either that was the smartest deer in West Michigan or I had seen a “beyond z” event. Another example of something that goes beyond our comprehension is what has been happening with our state legislature—talk about going beyond z! The fiasco in Lansing goes beyond triple z. Tom Pearce, our local House Representative, has made several local appearances in the past few weeks. I was fortunate to hear him speak at a Rockford Chamber of Commerce luncheon last week. Tom is one of the good guys in the political arena and, in his final term, is doing his best to get good solutions to our current problems. Good luck, Tom. Among other issues, our state legislature has not dealt with the fact that our state […]

Squire travels to Vietnam

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North Kent Service Center Director Sandy Waite and her husband traveled to Vietnam in November with a group from Kent County Habitat for Humanity for two weeks.  They were part of the Habitat for Humanity International—Mekong Build—near Hanoi.  “My husband and I built homes with Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter,” Waite said.  “We built a total 32 homes while we where there.  We then traveled for a week in Northern Vietnam.” Pictured is Waite and her husband George in Bac Ha Vietnam’s open air market proudly displaying their Rockford Squire paper surrounded by the Flower H’mong ethnic minority tribe.  “It was a life changing experience,” Waite said. “It was our first Habitat build but not our last build.”

Rockford Register — December 17, 2009

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Thur.–Fri. Dec. 17–18 Grand Carriage Rides—5:30 to 8:30 p.m. downtown Rockford. Rides are free! Load in front of Custard by the Dam. Rides are sponsored by Rockford Chamber of Commerce. Sunday, December 20 Roast Beef Dinner—11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Rockford Veterans of Foreign Wars Post, 4195 Thirteen Mile Road, Rockford. Cost is $8 for adults, and $3.00 for children under age 12. Enjoy all-you-can-eat roast beef, potatoes, corn, beans, roll, dessert and beverage. Bring your papers for recycling! “Best dinner in town… Bring the whole family!” Visit Breakfast—9 to 11 a.m. at the Sparta/Grand Rapids Moose Lodge #50, 11510 N. Division, Sparta. Cost is $5 per person, with coffee, juice and milk included. The breakfast is presented by Moose On Bikes (MOB), Lodge #50. Monday, December 21 Free Food for Needy Families—5 p.m. in the Mobile Food Pantry at St. Stephen Lutheran Church, 6070 Kuttshill Drive (corner of Northland Drive and Rogue River Rd.; entrance on Kuttshill), Rockford, providing free food for needy families in the North Kent community. For more information, contact the church at (616) 866-1556. Tuesday, Dec. 22 Country Music—9:30 to 11:30 a.m. every Tuesday at Rockford Ambulance Community Center, corner of 10 Mile Road and Shaner Avenue in Rockford. Music by the Rogue River Band. Enjoy free coffee, tea and snacks.

A Message for You — December 17, 2009

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Are we really listening to God? by PASTOR DICK RILEY Rockford United Methodist Church A park ranger at Yellowstone National Park was leading a group of hikers to a lookout tower. Along the way, he pointed out some of the famous sites in the park, and was so intent on talking about the history and telling the stories of Yellowstone to the tourists that he paid no attention to his two-way radio when it crackled a message. As the park ranger continued the tour, the radio continued to crackle, interrupting the sounds of nature and the interesting talk of the ranger. Finally, after several interruptions, the ranger simply turned his radio off. As the group neared the lookout tower they had been aiming for, they were met by a nearly breathless ranger who asked his fellow ranger why he hadn’t responded to the message on the radio, for, their viewpoint, high in the next tower, he and other rangers had been observing a large grizzly bear stalking the ranger and his group of tourists. They had been trying, unsuccessfully, to reach the ranger and warn him of the danger. Commenting on this near misadventure, someone said that many times we are so involved with our own personal pursuits and activities in life that we just don’t pay much attention to the voice of God trying to get through to us. That is especially true during Advent—during the four weeks leading up to Christmas. We get so involved with all the things going on around us—with school activities, work get-togethers, all the different parties, all the hoopla surrounding the Christmas season—that we fail to really listen, to really hear, the life-saving message that God is trying to tell us. And what life-saving message is that? Just this: “Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and his name shall be called Emmanuel, which means, God with us,” (Matthew 1:23). The question is: Are we really listening to God in this very special time of the year? Or have we allowed our busy, hectic lifestyle to drown Him out?

Not the lights you want to see this holiday

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Courtand Township firefighters evacuated a home on Twelve Mile Road between Courtland Avenue and Northland Drive on Tuesday, Dec. 8 after a fire in a dryer began spreading. Homeowners called 9-1-1 at about 7:30 p.m. The homeowner said she was taking clothes out of the dryer when she smelled smoke and saw flames under the appliance. Deputy Fire Chief Terry Welch said a clogged dryer vent was the cause of the fire, and homeowners should clear vents regularly. “We have a lot of fires start this way,” said Welch. Fire from the damage was limited to scorching of the linoleum floor in the utility room, but the house was filled with smoke. “I couldn’t go in. I had to wait for the fire trucks,” Welch said of the heavy smoke. Welch pointed out that lint had clogged the exhaust line from the dryer all the way from the appliance to the outside outlet. “A lot of people don’t think about clearing these out,” he said.

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