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Sparta’s discount (gourmet) grocery

May 7, 2009 // 0 Comments

It’s like G.B. Russo’s without the pricing. It’s a treasure hunt. The food pantries are cheaper (free) but no one else offers prices this low. Andy’s Discount  Grocery has been at 572 S. State Street in Sparta for about a year and a half. Owner Roger Anderson opened the 4,000-square-foot store when his career in the construction industry faltered with the economy. He knew a guy who ran a similar discount store and was very successful. Roger and wife Darlene decided to go into the grocery business.   Foodies will  love the large selection of spices, purchased in bulk and repackaged offered at low prices, often 75 percent cheaper than at a regular grocery store. Staples such as ground cumin, dried cilantro, cinnamon sticks are offered at bargain prices, along with more exotic spices home chefs can now have on hand affordably. The store is also becoming known for its organic products-more and more popular as people want items without the pesticides and other chemicals large food producers have long used. Lover’s of authentic Amish cheese will also appreciate a local supplier for the product. Andy’s brings in a strong selection of Amish cheeses so local shoppers won’t have to drive to the source for Amish-made havarti, Swiss, jumping jack, pepper jack or other popular favorite cheeses.   “What I like is when people come in and buy these gourmet products that they can get here for two dollars that would cost more than five in another store,” Anderson said. He used for example pine nuts, selling for about $5  In Meijer, just $1.99 at Andy’s.  He has yogurt for just 39 cents, hams for 99 cents a pound,  half gallons of ice cream for $1.99. The store also has aisle of other goods-medicine, cleaning products, pet products, shampoo and mops-also priced to go out the door painlessly. Anderson said his goods come from some of the same suppliers the big stores use, and a Frito Lay truck pulled in during the interview, proving his point. When suppliers have too much stock, Anderson buys at a discount. When items have damaged labels or dents, he picks up those too. Some stuff is close or post-dated. According to Anderson, plenty of foods are good after the […]