Early Tax Saving Tips

THE TAX ATTIC with Jerry Coon

May 3, 2012 // 0 Comments

Early tax-saving tips As many of you know, last Tuesday the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) held a meeting at Rockford Public School’s ninth-grade facility to discuss their involvement in the potential cleanup of Wolverine World Wide’s Tannery property. This is a wonderful and valuable piece of property along the Rogue River directly north of downtown and along the White Pine Trail. There is a question, however, as to whether the property will require an environmental cleanup or how much cleanup will be required before it can become a factor in the future success of downtown Rockford. The answer to that question was not answered last Tuesday night. I work in the income tax system. That system of laws can be very confusing and the numbers within that system can tend to make the system even more confusing. Basically, I make a living by being able to interpret and apply those laws and numbers. However, I have to admit that Tuesday’s presentation via the liberal usage of charts, test result numbers, and the accompanying explanations, at certain points, was able to confuse me. The presenters were masters at not tipping their hands, so to speak. Glen Blackwood of Great Lakes Fly Fishing Co. tried his level best in an attempt to get the EPA presenters to give an answer on a 1-10 scale of where the property stood. Even Glen, who is also a very good auctioneer, couldn’t get any type of commitment. They did pass on a ton of information, however, and listened to many people provide their opinions. The opinions varied from supporting Wolverine as a good corporate citizen, to not trusting Wolverine because it is a big corporation citizen, to just trying to get the presenters to clarify the volume of information they were presenting. I happen to support Wolverine as a good corporate citizen and feel they will do what is proper to allow Wolverine and the public to use the property. My opinion is to let Wolverine and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality put together an appropriate plan of action with the EPA having oversight approval. It appears, however, the bottom line is this: the EPA has until June 21 to make a decision as to how they will deal […]