Eldon Korson

Kids invited to join local officers in evening of fun, food

February 3, 2011 // 0 Comments

by ELDON KORSON  On Friday, Feb. 4, the Rockford, Cedar Springs and Sparta police departments and the Kent County Sheriff’s Department will be holding a youth lock-in at the MVP Athletic Club located at 515 East Division Street in Rockford. For $6 paid at the door, middle school kids in grades six through eight will be able to eat unlimited pizza and use all facilities, except exercise equipment, from 8:00 to 11:00 p.m. According to Sergeant Mike Miller of the Rockford Police Department, open activities include “Dodgeball—officers against the kids—flag football… basketball, volleyball… all kinds of events that we do, and it’s pizza and an overall good time to hang out and get to know people.” The deep-rooted fun in winning against adults—and authorities at that—is intended to decrease fear of speaking to officers and to encourage fun without drugs or other unhealthy acts. “We want to do it to get more involved with the middle school kids and have them interact more with different police officers more on a person-to-person basis, rather than dealing with them out on the street—just trying to get in there and interact and play,” said Miller.

Eldon’s Quilt tells story of overcoming

December 31, 2009 // 0 Comments

The lights and darks and the patched pieces sewn into Eldon’s Quilt represent good days, bad days, making the most of what’s at hand and piecing together what is available. That’s the story behind Eldon Korson, who today is a first-year student at Alma College, studying English with plans to someday teach at a university. Two years ago, Eldon was in the hospital while his Rockford High School class of 2007 was graduating. His doctors told his family that he would never awake from the coma he was in, and if he did, he’d be a “vegetable.” “Don’t ever let anyone tell  you no,” said Eldon’s mother, Cheryl. “If we listened to what every doctor was telling us, we would have had no hope. They said he’s not waking up. He’s a vegetable. He will never walk and talk again.” Eldon’s determination and his remarkable recovery inspire his family. His grandmother, Pat, brags about him to her quilting class at Smith Owen Sewing Center. When Polish-born Edyta Sitar, quilt designer, heard about Eldon’s story, she was inspired, too. She spent six months thinking about how Eldon fought his way back from near death. She thought about how he almost died from pneumonia more than once while in a coma, and the difficult rehabilitation he faced when he did wake up. The two met for the first time Saturday, December 5, and Sitar told Eldon how his story affected her. “I thought about you so much when I was working on this,” she said to Eldon of the beautiful and intricate creation she sewed in his honor. “I thought you would enjoy all the difficult pieces I used. I used dark and light in the pattern, because I know there are good days and bad days. I put different pieces together in the design. I thought of you while I was building it and holding it together. You were my inspiration.” The quilt is simple in some ways. There are only two basic shapes, triangles and squares. It is also incredibly complex, with pieces sewn from bits and odd lots. That speaks of Eldon’s journey, too. “When you are confronted with trials and pressures, you can either break or be like a diamond,” Eldon said. Eldon […]