Middle school student illustrates comics of The Rock Cycle

June 25, 2015 // 0 Comments

By Hailey Huffman East Rockford Middle School student, Sophie Sales, recently graduated the sixth grade, along with her classmates in the Earth Keepers magnet. During the school year, Sophie’s teacher, Mrs. Altizer, took a few days to teach the class about the invasive land plants and species in Michigan. The Earth keeper students were then asked to write a research paper with information they found in the library. Aside from her three-page research paper on the invasive land plants and species, Sophie drew a series of three comics, The Morphing Rock: A Superhero Rock, which tells the life tale of a young Sedina the Sediment. Over the course of the three stories, Sophie demonstrates not only her art skills but also how young Sedina the Sediment morphs from one type of rock to the next. Throughout the comics, Sedina (Sediment) transforms to Sedianna (sedimentary rock), to Metamorgan (metamorphic rock), to Magmia (magma), then lastly morphing into Iggy (igneous rock). Mrs. Altizer, who recommended that the series be published, recognized Sophie’s artist skills. Over the summer Sophie says she plans to take swimming lessons, take a vacation with her family and help out with a church fundraiser for Iglesia Apostolic Nueva Life in Wyoming. Enjoy your summer, Sophie and keep up the good work!