February 4 2010

DNRE basic archery instructor courses scheduled at North Rockford Middle School

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The Department of Natural Resources and Environment is offering free basic archery instructor (BAI) courses for teachers at North Rockford Middle School. The classes will run 8 a.m to 4 p.m. on Feb. 13, March 20, April 10, May 6 and June 5. Contact: Jeff DeRegnaucourt for more information at (616) 977-7750. Each eight-hour session is for physical education teachers who wish to join the DNRE’s Archery in the Schools program. Archery in the Schools introduces international-style target archery to students in fourth through 12th-grade physical education classes. The in-school curriculum’s core content covers archery history, safety, technique, equipment, mental concentration and self-improvement. To date, more than 360 schools across Michigan have implemented theprogram. “Target archery is a safe sport, in which students of all skill levels can be successful regardless of age, size or physical ability,”said Mary Emmons, coordinator for the Archery in the Schools program.“Incorporating archery as a school sport choice in the physical education curriculum creates an opportunity to engage students who otherwise may not participate in traditional athletics. For more information on Archery in the Schools, contact Mary Emmons at517-241-9477 or by email at emmonsm@michigan.gov. Information also is available online at www.michigan.gov/archery. The DNRE also is offering achery equipment grants to schools, bothpublic and private, that enroll in the Archery in the Schools program.

Win $50 gift card to Grill One Eleven

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Simply identify the object in the above photo, to win a $50 gift card to Grill One Eleven, downtown Rockford. On a blank piece of paper, answer the following three questions: 1. What is the correct name(s) of the object in the picture? 2. What area of the globe are the objects most commonly seen? 3. What is the significance of this object at this time in 2010? The correct answer to question number one is required. Questions two and three are possible tie-breakers. The decision of the contest judges, as to whether the answers in each entry are correct, is final. In the event there are multiple entries with all three questions answered correctly, the winner will be determined by a random drawing. Entrants must be 18 or older. Include your name, telephone number and/or e-mail address on your entry. Hand-deliver your entry—no mail, no phone, and no e-mail entries accepted—to The Rockford Squire office at 331 Northland Drive, just south of the Rockford State Police Post. All entries are due by 5 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 12, 2010. Employees of The Rockford Squire and their families are not eligible.

Michigan’s Winter Free Fishing Weekend slated for Feb. 13-14

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The Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DNRE) reminds everyone that Winter Free Fishing Weekend is scheduled for February 13-14. On that weekend, everyone—residents and non-residents alike—can fish without a license, though all other fishing regulations apply. Michigan has been celebrating Winter Free Fishing Weekend annually since 2000 as a way to promote natural resources awareness. With more than 3,000 miles of Great Lakes shoreline, 36,000 miles of river and 11,000 inland lakes, Michigan and fishing are a natural match. “Fishing is a great way to connect with our natural resources,” said DNRE Director Rebecca Humphries. “It’s a perfect way for families to spend time together while celebrating the bounty of Michigan’s wonderfully diverse outdoor heritage.” A number of activities at state parks and state fish hatcheries have been scheduled to coincide with the weekend, while clubs and conservation organizations stage events, too. Many provide free equipment and bait. The events often include experienced anglers willing to introduce novices into the joy of fishing. For a list of Free Fishing events scheduled across the state, visit www.michigan.gov/dnrfishing. The DNRE is committed to the conservation, protection, management, use and enjoyment of the state’s natural resources for current and future generations.


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February 6—17 6th Leah Mawby 7th Barry Bell Jr., Robert Carter, Jim Swanland 8th Ed Ault, Marie Ault, Kathy Klawieter, Mark Palmer, Gloria Spalding 9th Kris Nylaan 10th Louise Campbell, Sue Swanland 11th Ethel Steakley 12th Betty Cantile, Dolly Kronemeyer, Shanna Smallegan

Main Street — by Roger Allen, publisher

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Phil’s okay! PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) had concerns that the annual Groundhog Day celebration in Punxsutawney, Penn., was stressful for Punxsutawney Phil, the centerpiece groundhog. They wanted to replace him with some kind of robot. Well, I know Phil. I visited him at his home in the library window in downtown Punxsutawney. He sends word that he enjoys the visits of local townspeople who drop by, and he’s flattered by the attention on Groundhog Day. He loves his job. It’s nice that PETA is concerned about the welfare of animals, but Phil lives better than any other groundhog in his family. He was happy to celebrate his day as usual this week. Not likely A man goes out golfing. He’s on the second hole when he notices a frog sitting next to a tree. He thinks nothing of it and is about to shoot when he hears, “Ribbit! Nine iron.” The man looks at the frog and decides to prove it wrong. He puts his own choice of club away, and grabs the nine iron. Boom! The ball lands 10 inches from the cup. The man is shocked. “Wow, that’s amazing,” he says to the frog. “You must be a lucky frog!” The frog replies, “Ribbit! Lucky frog.” The man decides to take the frog with him to the next hole. “What do you think, Frog?” asks the man. “Ribbit! Three wood.” The guy takes out his three wood and, wham! hole in one. The man hardly knows what to say. By the end of the day, the man has golfed the best game in his life and asks the frog, “Okay, where to next?” The frog replies, “Ribbit! Las Vegas.” They go to Las Vegas and the guy says, “Okay, Frog, now what?” The frog says, “Ribbit! Roulette.” Upon approaching the roulette table, the man asks, “What do you think I should bet?” The frog replies, “Ribbit! $3,000, black 6.” Now, this is a million-to-one shot to win, but, after the golf game, the man figures what the heck. Boom! A pile of cash comes sliding back across the table. The man takes his winnings and buys the best room in the hotel. He sits the frog down and says, […]

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