Student donates hair to Locks of Love


Kaelyn Kramarz, 10, a student at Assumption B.V.M. School, grew her hair out for one-and-a-half years so she could donate it to Locks of Love. She says, “I did this so some child with cancer can have my hair.” Kramarz is so happy to have done this. Her hair was cut by Shandra Scheidel from […]


Organizer praises Hill article Dear Editor, Please pass this on to Cliff and Nancy Hill. They are to be applauded for this week’s G-R-E-A-T article supporting the Historical Society and the New museum fund drive. I have read it twice and all I can say is “WOW!” The tone of the article went straight to […]



Groundhog Day revisited You may have read here recently that Punxatawney Phil got laid off. Now we’ve discovered the reason: it’s best not to make a big deal about your job dissatisfaction.       Valentine’s Day Ah, love. We’re always looking for it or trying to improve it, and we feel lost without it. […]

Hiccup in filing city tax returns

The Grand Rapids Press is causing some consternation in the Coon household. My habit is to read selected portions of the Press, such as the sports and the business sections. I glance at the front page and usually read the “Perspective” section with the opinions and letters to the editor. However, Deb’s habit is to read […]

BIRTHDAYS — February 11–17

11 Lois Hall, Edna Schumaker, Ethel Steakley, Don Zimmerman 12 Betty Cantile, Dolly Kronemeyer, Shanna Smallegan 13 Angie Mainville 14 Beth Altena, Lauren Brasure, Riley James, Mike Mervenne, Lucille Tasma, Jeannette Weiland 15 John Abshire, Ruthe Graves, Mara Knochs, Peggy Rogell, Rick Rozelle 16 Bill Altena, Bob Douglas, Jim Drenton, Jameson Hernandez, Brett Western 17 Gerri Aley, George Keller, Lauren Kostus, Pat Muth