Start of Summer Celebration finds new location for launching fireworks

May 28, 2015 // 0 Comments

Not only is summer in the air, but so is change. The Rockford Chamber of Commerce (RCC) is working hard on the Start of Summer Celebration, its premier event and a favorite of the Rockford community. One of its most popular pieces, the Saturday night fireworks, is always pointed to as a highlight of the annual event, gathering families from near and far on blankets, lawn chairs and hillsides. But this year there will be a change in where the fireworks are launched and it will be another positive step toward keeping the community and visitors safe. This year the fireworks, scheduled for Sat., June 13 at dusk, will be launched on a gravel area just behind the Rockford Footwear Depot, and will be displayed directly over the Rogue River. The pyrotechnicians won’t have to battle overhanging trees or worry about residents’ houses at the new location. “It’s a solution we didn’t have available in previous years,” explained Linda Southwick, Executive Director of the RCC. “We are grateful to Wolverine Worldwide for agreeing to allow us to launch the fireworks from their property. Wolverine also welcomes families to set up their blankets on the green space south of the fence near the Footwear Depot. It will be a great place to view the show.” Southwick also noted the new location will allow the city’s Department of Public Safety to keep all lanes of the Ten Mile bridge open, for ease in traffic movement before, during and after the fireworks display. The lane closures always posed a difficult situation in years past for law enforcement, volunteers, pedestrians and vehicles. “We feel this is a wonderful solution to a wide range of issues at the old location,” Southwick said.