Friends of the White Pine Trail

Letters to the Editor

May 27, 2010 // 0 Comments

Friends of the White Pine Trail thanks Squire Dear Editor (Beth), Thanks so much for all your coverage of the Friends of the White Pine Trail organization’s activities. Your mentions of our New Years Resolution Walks always bring out large crowds. When you provide coverage at our dedication events and philanthropic check donation ceremonies, as well as the recent Comcast Cares Day, it gives our group unbelievable credibility and makes working with our legislators a lot easier. The Fred Meijer White Pine Trail benefits so many people and the communities they live in. Thank you for recognizing that and for helping to promote the Trail and our efforts! Dave Heyboer Chairman of the Friends of the White Pine Trail

Comcast Cares Day lends a hand to the Friends of the White Pine Trail

April 29, 2010 // 0 Comments

By CLIFF AND NANCY HILL Last Thursday communities, businesses, and non-profit organizations around the world observed the 40th annual Earth Day Celebration. Every year Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 and is designed to raise awareness and appreciation of the environment. Locally, in a match made in heaven, the Friends of the White Pine Trail (“Friends”) joined forces with Comcast, one of the nation’s leading providers of entertainment, information and communication products, and services. In 2001 Comcast instituted a “Comcast Cares Day” community service program in Michigan and across the country. Nationwide, more than 55,000 Comcast volunteers participated in this annual day of service that may well be one of the largest single days of corporate volunteer efforts in the country. Early in 2009 Comcast approached Michigan State Senator Mark Jansen with a request for a suitable project or organization in West Michigan that would benefit from a large volunteer work force. Senator Jansen recommended the “Friends” because, as a volunteer non-profit organization, they had assumed the responsibility of maintaining the State’s longest linear park – to the benefit of so many people and communities – at little or no cost to the Michigan DNR. “For the second year in a row, Earth Day was a Comcastic Day for the Fred Meijer White Pine Trail (FMWPT),” said Friends Chairman Dave Heyboer, who added, “We were able to get more done in one day than the “Friends” volunteers would normally be able to accomplish in a whole year of our trail work days.” Comcast dares to dream big and last Thursday one hundred and five blue-shirted Comcast employees showed up and volunteered to perform a laundry list of much needed maintenance and beautification chores along the FMWPT. “From the border of Rockford at Childsdale southward to North Park Avenue in Comstock Park, the trail was engulfed with an amazing group of highly skilled volunteers who had brought a lot of their own tools, had a take-charge leadership mentality and were gung-ho about getting things done, “ said Heyboer. Working out of a Plainfield Township provided staging area, located in the lower level of the Township’s Office on Belmont Rd., the amazing Comcast volunteers preformed such tasks as cutting back brush alongside the trail, trash pick-up, […]

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