Gerard Michael Coulombe

Bragging bandit busted after blowing cash

July 24, 2009 // 0 Comments

Suspect bought drugs, gambled cash, fought off robbers with skateboard by BETH ALTENA After Gerard Michael Coulombe allegedly robbed the Lake Michigan Credit Union on Ten Mile Road, he showed off piles of cash to his friends, bragged about the robbery, and even showed online pictures from the security camera as proof he did it. In a federal complaint from the United States District Court in the case of Coulombe vs. the United States of America, a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent outlines Coulombe’s actions before and after the Monday, July 13 robbery. On July 16, Kent County Sheriff officer Brad Mercer, a member of the FBI’s Grand Rapids Violent Crimes Fugitive Task Force received a call from Detective Bryan Muir of the Kent County Sheriff Department. He had interviewed an inmate of the Kent County Jail who claimed to know the robber in the crime. Jerome Joseph Matthews said he was at Coulombe’s house the day of the robbery and he saw three large stacks of cash totalling $5,000 to $6,000. Coulombe was bragging about the robbery and pulled up online news showing surveillance shots as proof. Coulombe’s roommate was also present during the discussion. That roommate, Nicholas Lynn Pyle, told officers he drove Coulombe from their Grand Rapids home to a location near the credit union in his white Dodge minivan with Coulombe’s motorcycle in the back. He dropped  Coulombe off, who returned after about five minutes. According to Pyle’s testimony, Coulombe had large amounts of cash he hadn’t had when he left. The credit union reported it was robbed of $5,879 the day of the theft. A man entered, immediately started yelling at tellers to do as he said so no one would be hurt. He gestured with his right hand to draw attention to a gun in the waistband of his pants. He took money from the two tellers and left. Matthews said his friend had had an airsoft pistol and a BB gun at his home and had painted over the orange muzzles to make the guns look realistic. Pyle told officers that after Coulombe put his motorbike back into Pyle’s van he admitted to robbing the credit union. According to Pyle, the pair then drove to Car Lovers Car Wash […]