Great White Nope

Grad shares ‘Sugar’ sweet memories of ‘Great White Nope’

July 9, 2009 // 0 Comments

by CLIFF & NANCY HILL and CHRIS CARLSON, RHS class of ’84 In covering the time capsule story in the Tuesday, June30, 2009 edition of The Rockford Squire, we communicated with Rockford High School (RHS) centennial class of 1984 members from all over the country and the world. One such ’84 graduate was Chris Carlson. Chris is the grandson of Ted Carlson, after whom the RHS football stadium was named the Ted Carlson Memorial Stadium (“The Ted”). At the RHS graduation ceremony in 1984 his proud father, Dave Carlson, who at the time was a Rockford School Board Member, presented Chris his diploma. Chris, now 43, works and resides in Tokyo, Japan. Chris knows a thing or two about the newspaper business. He is employed as the news bureau chief of the Far Eastern Division of the Stars and Stripes Armed Services Newspaper. We contacted Chris to see if he would share any memories of his RHS years and what, if anything, he might have placed in the centennial class of ’84 time capsule. Chris recollects what he placed in the time capsule and has a great story to go along with it. We loved the story and believe you will too, especially guys. This is superior storytelling, the likes of which you would seldom read in a “local” newspaper (except for the Squire, that is!). So here in an endearing and self-deprecating style is Chris’ story in his own words: In the time capsule there should be a poster of former Central Michigan University (CMU) basketball star Melvin “Sugar” McGlaughin. I doubt if anyone from my class will remember the story behind the poster, although there may be a couple of guys. Anyway, Melvin was guard out of Creston High who could shoot from downtown. When I was in high school, I remember watching him pour in 40-plus points during a couple of games at CMU. This was before Dan Marjerle put CMU’s basketball program back on the map. Although Melvin’s teams didn’t do much in the league standings, he always put on a show and he was my idol. As for me, during my freshman and sophomore years at Rockford I played basketball. Well, to say I “played” is overstating it. You see, […]