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Rockford doc tackles health care crisis in new book

May 10, 2012 // 0 Comments

Dr. Steven A Mikulak wrote: “Who’s responsible for our health care crisis: government, pharmaceutical companies, the health care industry, or the food industry? Although each of these has a hand in perpetuating the problem, none are the true cause. The real blame lies in the individual’s poor choices and lifestyle, mostly in the areas of food, exercise and stress. This leads to health-related issues in the news daily, such as cancer, depression, gallbladder disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, stroke, Type 2 diabetes and more.” In his new book, “The Healthy Life Project,” Dr. Steven A. Mikulak explains how Americans have gotten themselves into this crisis state, and better yet shows exactly how to get out of it. Dr. Mikulak believes the real answer does not rely on the curing of disease, but in the prevention of disease through a healthy lifestyle. “The Healthy Life Project” addresses today’s dietary pitfalls and nutritional needs, easy ways to keep moving through life with less pain, and five simple steps to follow which will make it all happen. “Encountering pain in life is inevitable; suffering, however, is optional,” said Dr. Mikulak. Steven A. Mikulak, DC, CCSP is owner and clinical director of Healthy Life Pain & Performance Solutions in Rockford. “Dr. Mik” is a graduate of Rockford High School, studied kinesiology and exercise science at Michigan State University, has a doctorate of chiropractic from Palmer College in Davenport, Iowa, and is a certified chiropractic sports physician. He was driven to write this book to address the most common questions he gets from his patients: “Why do I hurt; how did I get this way; how can I prevent it from happening again?” His back-to-basics approach to taking responsibility for one’s own health involves helping the body heal itself as it was naturally designed to do. For more information, visit Dr. Mikulak’s website at

Treating patients from ‘womb to tomb’

October 27, 2011 // 0 Comments

New chiropractor in Rockford specializes in prenatal and pediatrics by BETH ALTENA Dr. J. Avery Karns, doctor of chiropractic, considered becoming a veterinarian when she was young, but never considered becoming a medical or surgical doctor. She chose chiropractic care as her profession because she believes in the value of holistic, preventative treatment and the many benefits of chiropractic treatment. Karns has joined the offices of Healthy Life Pain & Performance Solutions (which was Newman Chiropractic for many years), 120 Marcell Avenue in Rockford. “I always believed in a natural, non-drug, non-surgery kind of life,” she stated. “As a kid I was kind of an anomaly. I liked my vegetables more than meat.” Karns said she wanted to go into a field that helped people live healthier lives, in part because she saw how many don’t have a healthy lifestyle. “Chiropractic care can make a huge difference in one’s quality of life.” “Chiropractors are doctors of the nervous system,” she said. “It is the master system of the body. All direction from the brain to the body goes through the nervous system to every tissue in the body. When the nervous system is functioning correctly, everything else should function correctly.” Karns specializes in prenatal and pediatric care and has seen dramatic and quick response to treatment. Patients who come in suffering severe discomfort can often experience immediate relief. She said in pregnancy, maintaining optimal nerve function is especially important. Karns’ treatments help an expecting woman’s pelvis be as open and as prepared for birth as possible. Manipulation of the pelvis also allows more room for the baby growing inside. Chiropractic treatment can help balance pelvic bones, nerves, muscles and ligaments, which may allow the unborn child to move toward the proper head-down position for delivery. Dr. Karns wants her patients and general public to know that this Webster technique is NOT a baby-turning technique and is meant solely to enhance proper space and nerve function in the pelvis. Research shows pre-labor chiropractic care, specifically the Webster technique, can encourage a safer head-down baby position. Newborns are also prime candidates for chiropractic treatment. “In a hospital birth, there is a lot of hands-on involvement,” she said, and a delicate infant can suffer stress to the spinal column […]