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MacGregor to run for state representative

March 25, 2010 // 0 Comments

Pete MacGregor, currently the Cannon Township supervisor, has set his sights higher. He has recently announced his candidacy to fill the position of State Representative Tom Pearce, who is term-limited out of the office. MacGregor said his platform is based on three important issues facing our state today. He promises his experience in small business and proven track record of finding commonsense solutions make him the best candidate for the August 3 Republican primary for the House of Representatives. Helping medium and small businesses succeed in the state, stabilizing school funding and protecting critical core services—law enforcement, fire service and roads—are what MacGregor defined as his main three concerns in government. A history of local leadership is among MacGregor’s resume for state office. Upon moving to Cannon Township more than a decade ago, MacGregor volunteered to serve on the township’s planning commission during the development boom of the ‘90s. He was then elected to the Cannon Township Board of Trustees before election in 2004 and 2008 to position of township supervisor. “Providing our residents high-quality services without raising taxes has not been easy,” said MacGregor. “By keeping an open mind and applying many of the lessons gained from years of running a small business, we have been able to work together and create an efficiently run township.” Community leaders have pledged support for MacGregor’s candidacy. Dr. Michael Shibler, Rockford Public Schools superintendent, stated, “The future of our state will greatly depend on the children of our schools today. We need leaders in Lansing who understand the crisis facing education and are willing to take the decisive action needed to insure our children’s future. I support Peter’s position for correcting the structural deficit that currently exists in the State School Aid Fund, and his strong support of public education.” Pete Kruer of Rockford Ace Hardware cited the need to “send people to Lansing who know how to get things done,” and has pledged his support to MacGregor. Kruer said, “Small businesses are the backbone of Michigan’s economy and we need people in Lansing who understand that if given the right environment, these companies can be the engine of job growth and opportunity.” During his announcement, MacGregor said, “This election will be about the future of the […]