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International traveler finds beauty in unusual

December 23, 2009 // 0 Comments

Rockford man Bill Ravenscraft has a job that takes him around the world. He’s been to China, Tokyo, South Korea, Indonesia, Moscow, Dubai, India, Costa Rica, the Honduras, Hong Kong and Bogota Columbia. A recent trip, on which Ravenscraft brought his local paper, was unusual. “Mostly when I go, it’s to one country and I stay there,” he said. “This time I happened to have several countries in one trip.” Ravenscraft, an internal auditor for Amway, left early September. It was two weeks after a bomb explosion in a hotel and two days before an earthquake near his destination. “It was not too close, but it still impacts operations,” he said. Many who travel regularly for a living soon lose the excitement of discovering new places, but Ravenscraft has not. After more than three years, he still loves his job. “I have a little wanderlust. I like to travel and this job affords me that,” he said. What Ravenscraft relishes is the chance to explore different cultures, atmospheres, places and food. He said he always does research on his destinations and creates a wish list of things to experience. On his most recent trip, the first destination was Singapore, where he had a seven-hour layover. It was midnight, he was tired, but he grabbed a cab and asked the driver to show him Singapore. Singapore, Ravenscraft said, is interesting because it was designed to be an international center for trade, so it is very metropolitan. “There were a lot of Europeans, it was very modern.” He said he wasn’t very impressed with what he saw of the country. “I’m not a big fan of the bar district. There was loud music thumping,” he said. The driver then took him through a residential area, and Ravenscraft was able to overlook the city at night. “It was a whirlwind tour, a three-hour cab ride for sixty dollars,” he said. Next stop was Jakarta, Indonesia. Ravenscraft said he was hesitant going in because of warnings of Islamic extremism. There have been bombings targeting Westerners, and he wasn’t sure what to expect. “It was a fantastic trip. People are very welcoming, very accommodating. The weather was beautiful.” Ravenscraft enjoyed the cultural aspect of the country: unique textiles and fantastic […]