Janice ‘Chi Chi’ Rogers

Voters choose a new face for Rockford City Council

November 12, 2010 // 0 Comments

by CLIFF and NANCY HILL A tsunami of change swept the nation on last Tuesday’s national election day. The giant wave had enough inertia to even affect Rockford’s non-partisan City Council election. Five well-qualified candidates were vying for two open seats on the five-member Rockford City Council. In a stunning defeat Rockford Mayor Janice (Chi-Chi) Rogers was unseated in her bid for an eighth term on the Council. After the votes were tabulated for the hotly contested two open seats Rogers found herself in third place, thus ending a career of service to the City of Rockford that began in 1991. Strong voter turnout resulted in the following Final totals: Jerry Coon 713 Winner Steve Jazwiec 712 Winner Janice ‘Chi Chi’ Rogers 570 Roger Strauss 448 Robert Winegar 431 Rogers tells the Squire, “I had a great run, I’m sad but not disappointed and I respect the voters choices.” Over the years Chi-Chi had enjoyed strong support from Rockford City voters but this time around it was not meant to be. Chi-Chi said, “I’m proud of my many accomplishments and achievements in office, especially when my fellow Councilmen saw fit to honor me, four separate times, to serve as Mayor of the City I love.” In Rockford the office of Mayor is largely ceremonial and is not determined by Rockford City voters in an open election. But rather, City Council members choose amongst themselves who will represent the City as Mayor. In general, the duties of Mayor are to preside over City Council Meetings and to represent the City at various functions throughout the term of office. Additionally, Mayors are empowered to officiate at weddings, something that Chi-Chi dearly loved to do. During her terms as Mayor she officiated at the weddings of well over 200 couples. “I was able to preside over the wedding of my own son and the weddings of many grandchildren,” said Chi-Chi, adding, “During the last two years I had the distinct pleasure of marrying twelve of my Rockford Meijer co-workers.” Chi-Chi summarized by saying, “I loved being on ‘Council’ and being someone that City residents could easily approach with their concerns.” “It was always obvious that Chi-Chi thoroughly enjoyed her time on City Council. She took the position of […]