January 12 2012

Rams cheerleaders closing gap

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by MARY JO HILLS The Rockford High School Rams varsity competitive cheer team’s improved performance advanced them another step closer to the Big Red conference leaders in the pre-conference competition at Hudsonville on January 4. The ladies continue to step up their game and brought new skills to the mat to finish fifth overall with a final score of 736 in this tightly grouped division. East Kentwood finished first with a top score of 773, followed by West Ottawa’s score of 771 and Hudsonville’s score of 769. Coach Dengler commented, “Rockford gave a solid effort at the pre-conference meet. The OK Red is stacked with talented teams and I love that we are one of those teams this year! Our round one was filled with excitement and pride from our athletes. We were only a few points from the team leading that round, which is awesome to see. After we make a few adjustments, the gap will close even more. We added in a few new sections to round three over the holiday break and the team did great job fighting for all of the stunts they put out on the floor yesterday. I am so proud of this team.  The season has just begun and we are already one of the strongest teams to represent this program at Rockford. If this team keeps its focus from start to finish of each round and continues to improve each week, we will finish the dream—together!” The Rams are packed with experience and an attitude ready to tackle the challenge of this tough division. Senior Bri Barr said, “This team will never give up. We believe.” Senior Courtney Beals commented, “We have a close team and all have the same goal: to win.” The next meet will be held in East Kentwood on January 12 at 6 p.m., followed by a competition in West Ottawa on January 14 at 1 p.m.

Greenville fifth graders participate in mini medical school

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Elementary students use artistic talent to replicate the human body; perform mock surgeries On Thursday, January 12 and Thursday, January 19, fifth graders within the Greenville Public School system will experience something few – if any- ten and eleven year olds do – performing surgery. This program initiated in 2011 when Baldwin Heights Elementary teacher Mindy Hepinstall customized a similar program from the S. 4 Duke Ellington School in Manhattan, New York to allow her students a more hands-on, memorable experience when learning about the body and its systems. The Mini Medical School lasts approximately four weeks.  During the first few weeks, students build replica body frames and organs out of everyday materials, such as clay, pipe cleaners and Paper Mache. The fifth graders are assisted by parent volunteers, school nurses and art teachers to complete their human creations. The Mini Medical School concludes with surgical staff from Spectrum Health United Hospital in Greenville coming into the school setting and coaching students in performing mock surgeries on the replica bodies. Students are divided into groups based on surgery type; heart transplants, lung transplants, appendectomies and cerebral aneurysm repair.  The fifth graders will scrub in right along side of the surgeons, giving them an even greater perspective on careers in health care. The inaugural Mini Med School in 2011 was a resounding success and model of partnership between the schools and hospital.   Hepinstall received positive feedback from students, parents and her peers.  “We set out to find a creative way to teach kids about the human body and its systems,” said Hepinstall.  “The Mini Med School succeeded in doing this and also opened students’ eyes to careers in the medical field.” In the fall of 2011, Hepinstall was asked by several of her teaching counterparts at other Greenville Elementary Schools to incorporate the program into their fifth grade curriculum.   Hepinstall again collaborated with Spectrum Health United Hospital to develop a plan that could expand the program to reach more students while making good use of facilities and hospital resources.

Keep your laughter local

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Laugh out loud tune-up to be held at Corner Bar by CLIFF AND NANCY HILL Let’s embrace the “think local” attitude here. Instead of taking our monies outside of the Rockford community to attend “LaughFest” in Grand Rapids in March, why not support the good works of the Rockford Education Foundation (REF) and laugh your sides out right here at home in the cozy confines of the Rockford High School (RHS) Auditorium. When Chicago’s legendary comedy troupe, Second City, last appeared in Rockford in January 2010 it was a sell-out from the “git-go”. Appearing then to headline the annual REF benefit concert, Second City returns again for two evening performances of their “Laugh Out Loud Tour” on Friday and Saturday evenings, January 20 and 21. Thinking local, the REF is hosting “The Funniest Person in Rockford Contest” to be held this Thursday, January 12 at the Corner Bar in downtown Rockford. Four comedic finalists in the contest will face off for the opportunity to perform with Second City during their two upcoming evening performances in January. Mike Cole, Mike Marn, Michael Newell, and Chris Schneider will exhibit their comedy routines starting at 9:00 p.m. before a panel of local (celebrity) judges. What a hoot? Three Mikes and one Chris! The Corner Bar doors will open at 8:30 p.m. and reservations are being excepted by contacting Jen at the Corner Bar at: jtramper@rockfordcornerbar.com or 616-866-9866. Seating is general admission with a $10 cover charge to benefit the REF and includes chips and salsa. Drink specials and Second City ticket give-a-ways all evening long. First come, first serve for the best seats. If you can’t make the Funniest Person in Rockford event at the Corner Bar this Thursday evening don’t let yourself get caught with egg on your face, as many did during the 2010 visit of Second City, when last minute ticket purchasers were met at the box office door with a big sold-out sign. There’s not a bad seat in the house at the RHS auditorium. A limited number of tickets are still available. Contact: The REF at 616-863-6317 or visit www.rockfordschools.org/ref.

R.A.M. artifact #8

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Childsdale Mansion Pottery Collage These are pottery pieces from around the vicinity of the Childsdale mansion. Childsdale, originally called Gibraltar, was comprised of a paper mill and the houses surrounding it as well as the mansion, built by the namesake’s son, Horace Childs. The mansion burned in a suspicious fire shortly after its owner died in 1934. This assemblage was created by Rockford Area Museum staff to serve as a time capsule display of another day.


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HELP WANTED Hiring bartenders at Latitudes & Steelheads, 101 E. Edgerton, Howard City, MI 49329. (231) 937-7056. Please e-mail resumes to Abby at abbyzam@aol.com.       b02 ______________________  WANTED TO BUY Trumpet or Coronet. Would like to swap for photography, whether family portraits, senior photos or whatever you wish. Tom Scott Photography. (616) 678-4322.       Ftfn ______________________ SERVICES Do you want a sparkling clean home weekly, every other week, or just a one-time cleaning? Give me a call! References available. Call (616) 433-8124.        Ftfn ______________________ LOST AND FOUND LOST—cat, tortoise shell, brown and black in color, timid, has unique orange stripe on the nose. Short hair, smaller full-grown cat named Sparky Joe. Lost from Lake Bella Vista area December 30; may be heading east. Call (616) 558-5056.       f02 ______________________ LOST—eyeglasses, wire frame with broken frame. Rockford post office area? Call (616) 866-1180. If no answer, please leave message.       f02 ______________________   FOUND—small dog in downtown Rockford. Male, brown and black, weighs 8 to 11 lbs. Call Aunt Candy’s store to claim him, (616) 866-8783.       f51 ______________________ FOUND—child’s backpack at the Courtland Township park pavilion. Assorted toys and keepsakes. Call Courtland Township government office at (616) 866-0622.       f51 ______________________ FOUND—set of keys, including Jeep key, house keys, and unique ring, found near Young Ave. and 11 Mile. Call (616) 874-8174.       f50 ______________________ FOUND—forgotten stroller found near Algoma Estates. Call for location and with description to identify, (616) 433-8340.       f49 ______________________ FOUND—neutered, male, black cat near 11 Mile and Wolven, has claws, short fur. Call (616) 389-3428.       f48 ______________________ FOUND—women’s wristwatch in RiteAid parking lot about October 13. Call to identify (616) 866-1985.      f44 ______________________ FOUND—gift card in downtown Rockford on October 26, 2011. Call to identify. Speak with Cathy (616) 874-2000.       f44 ______________________ FOUND—one small, gray, female kitten, and one white and gray/black, male cat with 1-year white diamond on back, Northland Estates area, Cedar Springs. Both very friendly. Please call (616) 696-8626.       f42 ______________________ FOUND—neutered male cat on the White Pine Trail between 11 Mile and 12 Mile roads. Tortoise coloring, young, long and skinny. Noticeable marking. Very affectionate and verbal. (616) 874-9119.       f41 ______________________   LOST—male black cat with big fluffy fur and yellow eyes. Last seen in the 10 Mile and Courtland Dr. area at Rum […]

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