January 5 2012

Rams Squirt travel team wins Compuware tournament

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The Rams Hockey Squirt AA travel team competed over the holiday break in the Tim Horton’s Compuware Holiday Classic tournament. The Rams headed into this tournament with an overall record of 14-5-3 and expected a challenging competition with Squirt AA teams from several levels of play in attendance. The Rams made it through the first rounds of hockey with hard-fought battles over Livonia, Honeybaked and Compuware teams and headed into the championship game undefeated. The Rams ultimately faced the always tough Honeybaked team for the championship. The Rams were victorious and shut out Honeybaked with a 2-0 final score. The Rams Hockey Squirt AA travel team is part of the Rockford Hockey Association, your local Red Wings Premiere hockey association. Visit www.rockfordhockey.org for information on Rams hockey or find them on Facebook.


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Why the Rockford Area Museum matters Dear Editor, Several years ago, in anticipation of our Rockford High School class reunion, I went to the Rockford High School in search of sport trophies from years gone by. The athletic director suggested we head to the local museum. We were amazed at the items stored beneath the blue building near the dam! Much to our surprise, we found high school trophies that were collecting dust. I wondered then: Where do we put all of this stuff? How do we keep the past while recognizing the present? There was one item that caught my eye: the Rams head plaque that was in the entrance to the Rockford High School (now North Rockford Middle School). Looking at yearbooks from the ‘70s, one can easily spot the beautiful wood carving in the background of group photo shots. I asked, “Who made this? Who spent hours creating this masterpiece? And again, what do we do with these old items?” Today that beautiful wood carving hangs at Ward’s Hair Place in downtown Rockford in a prominent spot above the fireplace with plenty of conversations of years gone by! Today, while serving on the Rockford Area Museum committee, I ask myself, “Why do we need a bigger museum in downtown Rockford?” The answer comes quickly! We need to remember where we have been in order to appreciate where we are today. We need to remember not only the school district but the individual people and local businesses that made the Rockford area what it is today! Yes, the Rockford Area Museum matters! Mary Lou Ohnsman Rockford High School Class of 1974  

Statewide title agency offers services right here in Rockford

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The Closing Office Title Agency believes in giving back to the community President Wes Parkinson said his staff at The Closing Office Title Agency are all local residents who believe in contributing to their community and offering a vital service from their office in Rockford at 11557 Edgerton Avenue. The location is one of four West Michigan offices the title company offers for the convenience of those conducting the purchase or sale of property, refinancing, construction transactions, commercial or land contract property transaction. He looks forward to increasing the ease of a property transaction for Rockford residents with the new location right here in Rockford. “We have a great client base,” said Parkinson. “We do a fair volume of Rockford business, but have had to service those customers from our Plainfield location. We are members of Local First and try to support local businesses and charities as much as possible.” Parkinson said his industry is regulated by state rules prohibiting discounting, so the company supports charities monthly and has fundraisers for charitable donations. Ease of a professionally conducted transation is the benefit residents will enjoy when making a home, commercial or construction transaction or refinancing. “We are the only title insurance company in Rockford,” Parkinson noted. “We hope that the residents here will want to keep their business local, and we will be a successful business while giving back to the community.” On staff are three licensed title producers and one real estate attorney who is in-house council for a large nationwide title insurance underwriter, a clear benefit to those conducting transactions. The company is a locally owned and operated independent title agency. “Closing real estate transactions is just one of the many services we provide,” said Parkinson. “As a full-service title insurance company, The Closing Office has built a strong reputation among homeowners and real estate professionals with our friendly, experienced, professional staff and superior customer service. We strive to establish a close relationship with our clients by way of clear, consistent communication with all parties in the transaction.” Parkinson noted that the company’s use of the latest technology ensures a smooth, worry-free experience. “Let The Closing Office assist you with your next real estate transaction, from the most complex residential transaction to the […]


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HELP WANTED Administrative office position with growing company. Good people skills, reliable, organized, versatile team player. Basic computer skills, Quickbooks experience a plus. Immediate opportunity, part-time leading to full-time. Call (616) 340-4848.       p01 ______________________ WANTED TO BUY Trumpet or Coronet. Would like to swap for photography, whether family portraits, senior photos or whatever you wish. Tom Scott Photography. (616) 678-4322.       ftfn ______________________ SERVICES Do you want a sparkling clean home weekly, every other week, or just a one-time cleaning? Give me a call! References available. Call (616) 433-8124.        ftfn ______________________ LOST AND FOUND LOST—long hair, black/calico female cat. Front declawed, very timid. Bostwick Lake area. Last seen December 9. Call (616) 874-8597.       f52 ______________________ FOUND—small dog in downtown Rockford. Male, brown and black, weighs 8 to 11 lbs. Call Aunt Candy’s store to claim him, (616) 866-8783.       f51 ______________________ FOUND—child’s backpack at the Courtland Township park pavilion. Assorted toys and keepsakes. Call Courtland Township government office at (616) 866-0622.       f51 ______________________ FOUND—set of keys, including Jeep key, house keys, and unique ring, found near Young Ave. and 11 Mile. Call (616) 874-8174.       f50 _____________________ FOUND—forgotten stroller found near Algoma Estates. Call for location and with description to identify, (616) 433-8340.       f49 ______________________ FOUND—neutered, male, black cat near 11 Mile and Wolven, has claws, short fur. Call (616) 389-3428.       f48 ______________________ FOUND—women’s wristwatch in RiteAid parking lot about October 13. Call to identify (616) 866-1985.      f44 ______________________ FOUND—gift card in downtown Rockford on October 26, 2011. Call to identify. Speak with Cathy (616) 874-2000.       f44 ______________________ PETS AND SUPPLIES The Rockford Squire’s “Free” and “Lost & Found” classified ads are free of charge. Call (616) 866-4465 by noon on Monday to place your ad in next Thursday’s issue. ______________________


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Social Mis-media by MILES POSTEMA Rockford School Board Trustee In the early days of the Internet, with slow speeds and dial-up Internet connections, I thought the Internet might go the way of the CB radio—a passing fad but not a lasting part of our lives. I admit that I am not always right in my predictions. Soon there will be nearly a billion users on Facebook alone. Several recent events brought home to me the proliferation of social media in all of its forms. A recent expulsion hearing included text messages from one student to another student. After a student died from an illness on one of my university attorney colleague’s campuses, some students on the same floor posted messages of sympathy on the student’s Facebook page even before the student’s family could be informed through normal, official means. The students did not intend to be disrespectful and likely did not think about the possibility that the family had not yet been notified. They simply wanted to express their condolences using the tool they use most often. Many have Facebook up on their screens nearly all day. Recently, on a visit to my own campus, my middle school daughter noticed that a substantial number of the students in our library were on Facebook. We counted and about a third of the students had Facebook up. I confess it wasn’t any kind of scientific study on our part, but it is clear to me that middle school, high school and college students spend a significant amount of time on or with social media. Parents today did not grow up with social media and we have little real life experiences to share about it with our kids. As a university lawyer and a school board member, almost every conference or workshop I attend has a session on the perils of social media from the perspective of the school or the students. At a recent conference the speaker asked how many attendees had Facebook accounts. In an audience of mostly 40- to 60-year-old lawyers, all but a few hands went up. Students believe that social media is largely private when nothing could be farther from the truth. The speed and spontaneity of social media coupled with the perceived […]

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