Jessica Herried

East Rockford Middle School Students of the Month for April 2012

May 10, 2012 // 0 Comments

Anna Luxhoj 6th Grade Fine Arts Magnet Anna’s parents are Erik and Diane. Her brother, Matthew, is in the third grade and she has a dog named Pablo. Anna attended Crestwood Elementary. She plays flute in the band and also likes to participate in after-school activities, like Snack Attack. She also enjoys drawing and spending time with friends. Anna’s favorite classes are Art with Mr. Vandenberg and Team Time with her magnet teachers, Mrs. Curtis and Ripley. Her favorite food is “anything with sugar” and her favorite movie and books are Hunger Games. Anna would like to become a teacher and possibly attend Michigan State University. Anna admires her parents, who motivate her and are always there for her. She is proud of earning good grades and finding success after her family moved to Michigan. Asa Huffaker 6th Grade Communications Technology Magnet Asa is the son of Miles and Linda. He has a sister in eleventh grade named Charlotte and a brother in eighth grade named Wyatt. He also had a dog named Penny and a cat named Earl. Asa plays saxophone in the band and also plays soccer with Scor. His favorites include Math with Mrs. VanLare, candy corn, MSU, movies Avatar and Dodgeball, and Harry Potter books. Asa admires his dad, who is just funny and a good person. He is proud of being recognized as Student of the Month. Jessica Herried 7th Grade Jessica’s parents are Dean and Kim. Her siblings are high school student, Dylan, eighth-grader, Mitchell, and seventh-grade twin sister, Amanda. She also has a bunny named Ella. Jessica attended Lakes Elementary. She currently participates in the ERMS Writer’s Circle and is also highly active with Alliance soccer. Her favorites include Math with Mrs. Bryant, MSU, filet mignon, The Blind Side, and Hunger Games book series. If she could take a dream vacation, Jessica would travel to Alaska. She would love a career as an ecologist. Jessica admires her dad, who inspires others in his personal and professional life. She is proud to have earned a spot on a soccer team and the opportunity to compete for the state cup. Andrew Haid 7th Grade Andrew is the son of Christopher and Susan. His siblings are eighth-grade student, Daniel, and third-grade […]