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Sitcom stars coming to West Michigan

August 25, 2011 // 0 Comments

Rockford will again be the site of a movie brought to you by Joel Reisig, who last year filmed “Win by Fall” in Rockford. The film is currently in preproduction for and will be a PG-rated Christmas movie titled “A Dog For Christmas.” The intended shoot dates in January and February will take place in Rockford and Grand Rapids. Reisig is excited to bring some notable talent to his second filming in Rockford. The movie will star Sherman Hemsley of “The Jeffersons,” Richard Karn of “Home Improvement,” and Dustin Diamond of “Saved By The Bell.” Also starring will be West Michigan native Sophie Bolen, the 11-year-old star of last year’s movie “The Christmas Bunny.” The movie is described as a hilarious family comedy about life during the holidays. David and Janet Feldman make the classical mistake of inviting all of their relatives into their home for the holiday season. Anything that can go wrong does, especially when Santa Claus (Grandpa) decides to go against their wishes and buy their daughter an untrained dog for Christmas! Reisig is a Hope College graduate. He recently completed a 1910 period piece on Belgium immigrants in America, shot partially in Allegan, Mich. You can view the trailer of “Win by Fall” on You Tube where you can see Rockford City Manager Michael Young in his role in the film as a wrestling referee, which he actually does in real life in his spare time. Bruce Snider of Rockford will co-produce. Reisig also teaches a two-day seminar on the film business called “Be Your Own Hollywood.” More information can be found at The film will be distributed by All Channel Films, which has been in business since 1987. They intend to bring the film to one of the following networks: Showtime, Starz, Hallmark, or ABC Family. Reisig is currently seeking product placement. Product placement in film is an excellent way to get your brand seen in a positive light.

Extra! Extra! Movie producer looking for extras for RHS movie shoot

July 1, 2010 // 0 Comments

A Hope College theater graduate is planning to film his second movie, parts of which will be filmed at Rockford High School. Director Joel Reisig said his feature film is set to go to dvd and cable TV,and is titled Win By Fall. The movie will be a PG 13 sports film about high school wrestling.  The film will star three time UFC heavyweight champion Dan “The Beast” Severn.  Reisig’s first film, Fraternity House, is now available at Blockbuster and other DVD stores across the country.  The members of the Free Beer and Hot Wings radio show in Grand Rapids appeared in the film. His next movie, Minor League a Football Story stars Dustin Diamond (Saved By the Bell) and Robert Miano (The Fast and The Furious).  Minor League will be out shortly.  Reisig also teaches a class on independent film production called Be Your Own Hollywood.  For more information please visit  Win By Fall needs roughly 50 extras age 16 to 23 to play high school students on July 6, 8, and 9.  Please email with your age and a photo if you are interested in appearing as an extra.  Reisig said he also needs roughly 200 extras, all ages, sizes, and shapes, to play high school wrestling fans on July 8 and 9. Please email if you would like to attend. Reisig said the extras will not receive any financial compensation but will have a good time being part of a movie filming experience.