John Ball Traveling Zoo

John Ball’s Traveling Zoo visits Rockford

July 9, 2009 // 0 Comments

Z’s Kids Club Traveling Animal Show brought the zoo to Rockford’s Krause Memorial Library on Monday afternoon, June 29, 2009. John Ball education staffers, Colleen and Robyn, came with hands-on learning experiences that included, among other things, a display of animal furs, a rattlesnake skin, and an empty ostrich egg. Also visiting as part of the live animal demonstration was a great horned owl, a Mexican dwarf hairy porcupine, and a red, white and black docile Pueblen milk snake. More than 100 enthusiastic youngsters of all ages were in attendance to see the animals and hear about their interesting physical and behavioral characteristics. If you didn’t make it to the library for John Ball’s Traveling Zoo program, you can see these animals and many more at the John Ball Zoo, 1300 W. Fulton, Grand Rapids. For more information about the zoo and its programs call (616) 336-4301 or visit their website at