July 1 2010

Birthdays, July 3-9, 2010

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3rd Maggie Chipman, Kristine Stotz, Henery VandenHeuvel 4th Louise Danielski 5th Bob Boyer, Florence Butts, David Klinger, Pattie Lachniet 6th Larry Cunningham, Doug Havemeier  7th Joan Burgess, Karen Kalemba, Mariah Main, JoAnne Martin, Ben Peterson. Barb Stein  8th Bernie Cavner, R. Graham Greenland, Olive Lawton, Judy Peters  9th Lonnie Herrington, Terry Kalemba, Mary Lou Preston, Lorna Smith

Jeanine C. Herlacher only woman in representative race

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“Through my work as a Realtor in the community for the last decade, I have PAID ATTENTION to what is on the minds of people in our community,” said Jeanine Herlacher, running for state representtive for Tom Pearce’s office. “They call me when their house is about to go into foreclosure. They call me when they have lost an income and need to sell on a short sale. They call me, crying with an emergency need for a place to live. You know, when my clients aren’t sleeping at night with worry, neither am I.” Herlacher said that is why she is running for this office. “That is why I want to represent our 73rd district community in Lansing. As a local independent contractor Realtor and Associate Broker for the last decade, I’ve literally been on nearly every street in this huge district! I understand this community from the inside of people’s homes—where they live—and they expect me to be able to help. The way things are now, I know that running for this office is the right thing to do, because it’s the best way I can really help make things better for all of our neighbors, family, and friends.” “I believe that Michigan can and will once again become an economic leader in our nation, rather than pursuing our current rating at the bottom of the 50 states.” Herlacher pointed out that unemployment in our state continues to be about 14 percent, the worst in the nation. However, unemployment is the result of an economic illness that can be healed! She believes the following has contributed to the problems our stateis having: MBT (an excessive Michigan business tax) is killing business and therefore killing jobs. The surcharge has to go, and the tax on gross receipts needs to be cut  by about half. Over-taxation and new fees on the average citizen consume local discretionary dollars which could be spent in local businesses, therefore costing jobs and keeping job providers away from our state. Government take-over of our lives costs jobs and hurts our economy. We need less intrusive legislation from Lansing and more emphasis on out-of-control spending and the crisis of our schools!    “As a Realtor and Associate Broker, I have a long history of business experience.  I also have attained a Business degree with honors […]

Cannon Township approves fire barn expansion

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A healthy bid environment—depending on which side of the bid you are—allowed Cannon Township to choose a local builder to expand the fire station at less cost than expected. Nugent Builders was chosen for an expansion expected to serve the township’s needs for the next 20-plus years, according to Township Supervisor Peter MacGregor. The township fire department has been building a fund for the improvement for the past 14 years and will pay for the project with cash in hand. “We aren’t going into debt; we aren’t putting out bonds,” MacGregor said. MacGregor said he doesn’t want township residents to consider the move a frivolous one in light of tight budgets everywhere. “The motivation behind this is we can’t put another fire truck in our existing facilities,” he stated. “We have a vintage 1980 fire barn, but need to buy another truck in two to three years.” MacGregor said township officials expected the bid to come in around a million and a quarter, but Nugent and two other local builders came in at much lower than expected. Nugent bid $1,025,000. Visser and Visser and Rockford Construction were the next two lowest bidders for the job. MacGregor said the township has a policy of using local contractors whenever possible. Originally 12 contractors were pre-approved to submit the bids. The fire station will be expanded from two “tiny” bays to three large bays and the existing station will benefit from some remodeling to be more efficient. MacGregor said he considers this a win-win situation that residents should be pleased with on three counts. “It’s a win for the fire department, which has been saving their money for fourteen years,” he stated. “It’s a win because of the good bid environment and it’s a win because we wanted a local builder with local subcontractors to do the job.” MacGregor believes taxpayers should congratulate the township on saving up money for the project and waiting for a good environment in which to solicit the work.

Rockford Register — July 1, 2010

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Now–August 7 KDL Summer Reading Club—Make reading fun and rewarding this summer, and sign up for the “Make a Splash at your Library” Summer Reading Club at any Kent District Library branch—for kids entering grades five and under, readers and pre-readers. For more information visit www.kdl.org. Saturday, July 3 Character Pancake Breakfast—7:30–11 a.m. at Cedar Springs United Methodist Church, 140 S. Main St., Cedar Springs, to benefit the Kent Theatre. The Big Bad Wolf, Three Little Pigs, Fairy Godmother, Evil Stepmother and many other fairy tale characters will be there. Cost is $5 for sausage, beverage, and all-you-can-eat pancakes. For more information, call (616) 696-9636.  North Kent Toastmasters Club—7–8:45 p.m. at Prudential Preferred Realtors, 502 Northland Dr. NE & 11 Mile Road, Rockford. Toastmasters helps you improve your communication, public speaking and leadership skills. For directions, call Angela at (616) 560-4726 or visit our web site at www.nkctm.org. Join us July 6 when our theme is a Patriotic Celebration! Sunday, July 4 Swiss Steak Dinner—noon to 1:30 p.m. at the Rockford Masonic Lodge. Cost is $8 for adults; $3 for children under age 10. Dinner includes Swiss steak, vegetable, mashed potatoes with gravy, salad, dinner roll, dessert and beverage. Monday, July 5 Blood Drive—noon to 7 p.m. at Rockford Community Cabin, 220 N. Monroe St., Rockford.  Tuesday, July 6 Country Music—9:30 to 11:30 a.m. every Tuesday at Rockford Ambulance Community Center, corner of 10 Mile Road and Shaner Avenue in Rockford. Music by the Rogue River Band. Enjoy free coffee, tea and snacks.  Mended Hearts Meeting—7 p.m. at Spectrum Health Fred & Lena Meijer Heart Center, 100 Michigan St., Grand Rapids, room 8815 on eighth floor. This nonprofit support group—affiliated with American Heart Association—offers hope, information and encouragement to heart patients, families and caregivers through those who have experienced heart disease. For more information, contact Jim Oldfield at (616) 891-9395.  Wednesday, July 7 Business Counseling—Starting a new business or have questions about your existing business? The Rockford Chamber of Commerce and the Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) would like to help. SCORE is a nonprofit organization sponsored by the U.S. Small Business Administration and is dedicated to helping the small-business community through no-fee mentoring, business counseling and low-cost workshops. A SCORE counselor will be at […]

A Message for You — July 1, 2010

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Church: safest place to be by PASTOR DICK RILEY  Rockford United Methodist Church I read an article last month about the safest places for us humans to be, and it had some very interesting statistics in it. For example: • Don’t ride in your car—they cause 20% of all fatal accidents! • Don’t stay at home—17% of all accidents happen there! • Don’t travel by air, rail or water—16% of all accidents result from these activities! • Don’t even walk in the streets—15% of all accidents happen to pedestrians! But did you know that only 0.001% of all accidents happen in church? Please remember these facts as you make your summer plans. The safest place for you to be is—yes—in church! However, I must tell you that some strange things have happened to people while attending church. For example: • Lives have been changed. • Burdens have been lifted. • Forgiveness has been given and received. • Commitments have been made that have lasted a person’s whole life! So, yes, there is some risk in coming to church—it could turn your life upside down. But I hope that you will visit the church of your choice this weekend, and all throughout the year, and be in that safest place—be in church!

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