July 11 2011

A Message for You

July 14, 2011 // 0 Comments

Living as wise people by PASTOR DICK RILEY Rockford United Methodist Church Once upon a time, there was a southern farmer who was sitting in front of his shack, smoking his corncob pipe. Along came a neighbor who asked him, “How’s your cotton coming?” “Ain’t got none,” said the farmer. “Didn’t plant none this year ‘cus I was ‘fraid of the boll weevil.” “Well, how’s your corn then?” asked the neighbor. “Didn’t plant no corn. ‘Fraid of the drought.” “How about your potatoes?” asked the neighbor. “Nope,” said the farmer. “Ain’t got none of them either. Scairt of the tater bugs.” “Well, then,” asked the neighbor, “what did you plant?” “Nuthin’ at all,” said the farmer. “I just played it safe.” How many times do we treat our spiritual lives just like that ol’ southern farmer? We avoid putting our faith on the line because we’re afraid of what might happen, and in so doing, we fail to remember that God doesn’t ask us to be successful. God simply asks that we be faithful! “Be careful, then, how you live,” said the Apostle Paul, “not as unwise people, but as wise people, making the most of every opportunity,” Ephesians 5:15-16. What are you planting in your life? Visit the church of your choice this weekend, and start planting the things of God in your life!