A Hero’s Welcome, Long Overdue

Vietnam War veterans Ken McKay and Rod VanOeveren reunite after serving together decades ago. They saw each other for the first time here in the United States at the Fifth/Third LZ Michigan welcome home event honoring servicemen and women.

5/3 Ballpark Hosts LZ Michigan, a welcome home for Vietnam vets By Matt Marn  A parade of motorcycle riders cruised into 5/3 Ballpark on a hot and sunny July 3 to kick off LZ Michigan, a reunion and welcome home for Vietnam veterans. LZ Michigan was also a chance for the community to show their […]

Main Street by Roger Allen, publisher — July 15, 2010

Putting the blame What’s wrong with the government anyway, getting our seasons all mixed up? Why didn’t Mr. Obama give us global warming last January when we wanted it? If the President were doing his job right, we’d get 15 or 20 degrees higher in the winter and maybe 10 lower in the summer. Governor […]

Birthdays—July 17–23

17th Christopher Moore, Kirsten Rice, Nancy Rodriguez  18th Alice Allen, Jackie Davies, Terri Douthett, Bud Herrington  19th Bev Belluomini, Tom Nyenhuis, Deb Trendt, Nicole VanderWerff  20th Mike Gulliver, Rita Wilcox  21st Scott Bell  22nd Richard Tolley, David Zimmer 23rd Helen Brinkman, Ron Denhof, Elden Hunsberger, Brian Meester, Charlie Robinson

Rockford man, Little League coach, arrested for Child Sexually Abusive Activity

Aaron Daniel Mull

“We certainly want the parents to talk to their children, ask questions, talk to them about internet safety,” said Michigan State Police Detective Curt Schram after a Rockford man and Sparta Little League baseball coach was arrested for Child Sexually Abusive Activity. Schram said the MSP Computer Crimes team received a tip from the National […]

The Tax Attic with Jerry Coon

Regulating tax return preparers Congress and the Internal Revenue Service are both extremely interested in regulating all tax return preparers. In fact, they are downright serious. Apparently, there are return preparers out there who don’t follow the rules, don’t know the rules or don’t choose to follow the rules. Either way, it’s a problem for […]