July 15 2010

Scouts attend summer camp

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Cub Scout Pack 3282 Roguewood Elementary Webelos recently attended Gerber Cub Scout Webelos Adventureland Camp. They enjoyed friends and outdoor activities, lots of games and had tons of fun. Participating Scouts were Maxwell Scroggs, Blake Gordon, Parker O’Brien, Conner Hoyle, Sebastian Stange, and Matt Copping. Adults in attendance were James Scroggs, Chad Gordon, Joe O’Brien, John Hoyle, and Trent Stange.

Words on Weather and Climate — July 15, 2010

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Heat Wave 2010 by CRAIG JAMES According to the National Weather Service, in our part of the country a heat wave is defined as a period of at least three consecutive days of temperatures at 90F or warmer. The period July 4 through July 7 had high temperatures each day of 92 degrees both in Grand Rapids and Lansing. The last heat wave was only three years ago, in 2007, when we had five days in a row of 90-degree weather with highs of 93, 97, 96, 94 and 91 between July 30 and August 3. What is amazing to me is not that we had four days in a row of temperatures in the 90s during the first week of July, but that all four days had exactly the same high temperature. Now that is a very rare event. In fact, it has only happened once before in Grand Rapids since records began back in 1892. I doubt it has ever happened in both Grand Rapids and Lansing at the same time with exactly the same temperatures. It still looks to me as if the entire summer is going to end up a little warmer than average, but it won’t produce many, if any, records for heat. The greatest number of consecutive 90-degree days on record is 11, set way back in 1901 when it was supposed to be cooler than now. How about the heat wave of 1936 when, between July 7 and July 14, high temperatures in Grand Rapids were 98, 101, 101, 102, 99, 106, 108 and 102. Several of those nights had lows around 80 and there was no air conditioning. What do you think the media would do if another heat wave like that occurred again today? The hottest weather of this heat wave was from Boston through New York City to Washington, D.C., where temperatures did hit 100 degrees or higher, but fortunately without the high humidity so common in heat waves in that part of the country. On Tuesday, July 6, the official high temperature in Baltimore, recorded at the Baltimore-Washington International airport, was 105 degrees, a new record for the date and just one degree shy of the all-time record high set in 1930. However, could […]

Profitable business up for sale

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Gumballs and Overalls owner moving away Now that her children are grown and off to college, Gumballs and Overalls owner Tammy Newman believes it is time for her to make a life change as well. The one-year-old business located at 120 Courtland is up for sale as the newly-engaged Newman makes arrangements to leave Rockford for a new home. It’s time, she said. “I love my business so much I would literally live here,” she said. “That’s not good.” She hopes someone, perhaps a person who has lost their job, will find the business their new life’s calling and a way to make a good livelihood. Newman said if she doesn’t “take the plunge” into her new life, she will be too attached to her store, this town and her customers to give it up. The unique children’s clothes consignment shop stands apart from other resale because it is an upscale, boutique store with only brand-name, gently used and new quality and hand-made items. “I have 50-60 vendors who are little mom and pops trying to sell locally,” Newman  noted. She pointed out one of the store’s very popular items—Sweet Peapods, little baby garments and hats that make great gifts. They are knitted locally by Jennifer McCoy, one of the vendors that have been with Newman the whole year. In addition to clothing, she sells many products that parents need—blankets,  bibs, nursing covers, tutus, toys, balls, ring slings (baby carriers), an extensive line of cloth diapers and more. Newman said her store, opened a year ago on July 12, 2009, is doing well. Timing is right with the green movement and resale being so hot now. She has 1,600 square feet and could double the size and make good use of it, she said. A play area in the back allows parents to shop while children play. Currently she is clearancing out sizes 10 and up because it is the smaller sizes, 8 and down, that move quickly. Find 60 percent off those larger sizes until they are gone. The success of the store may lie in a good concept with a smart business model. As consignment, Newman doesn’t pay for product unless it sells. With 20 years in accounting, she is careful about the […]

Incumbent Morgan runs for commission re-election

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Roger Morgan is seeking re-election to the 3rd District seat on the Kent County Commission. Morgan, a commissioner since 2001, recently served four years as chairman of the commission after having served as vice-chair of the board for three years as well as being the finance and physical resources committee chair. Morgan stated, “I have always been an advocate of smaller government and I promise to continue those efforts for my constituents. Our focus should be on providing services mandated by the state. With continued budget pressures, we will need to take a long hard look at the level of non-mandated and discretionary services being provided and make the necessary adjustments.” Kent County Sheriff Larry Stelma and Prosecuting Attorney Bill Forsyth worked with Morgan, helping to spearhead the successful corrections and detention millage renewal in 2008. Sheriff Stelma said, “Roger provides steady and unwavering leadership to the county commission, something that is much appreciated during these challenging times.” Forsyth added, “Commissioner Morgan believes strongly about the issues that matter in Kent County—issues that are important to all of the citizens.” Other accomplishments of the commission under Morgan’s leadership watch include the successful West Michigan Sports Commission, consolidated 9-1-1 dispatch authority, and a new animal shelter facility, just to name a few. In his 26th year as CEO of Rockford Ambulance, Morgan is responsible for 67 employees serving the communities of Rockford, Belmont, Grand Rapids Township, Cedar Springs, Kent City, Sparta and the Village of Sand Lake. Morgan and his wife Beth live in Courtland Township and have three children, Sarah (married to Brad), Emily and Hannah, and are proud grandparents to Molly, daughter of Sarah and Brad. The Michigan Right to Life, the Grand Rapids Realtors Association, and the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce all have endorsed Morgan’s re-election bid.

The Rockford Squire in Iraq!

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As a Rockford resident, my kids have been delivering the Squire for at least seven years if not longer. Starting with my son Aaron who graduated RHS three years ago, we’ve had four of our kids delivering with Emilie, who will be a sophomore next year, currently working a route.  We should have the route locked up for the next seven years as we still have two children behind Emilie! I’m four months into a six month deployment and my wife, Tammie, sends the Squire to me from time to time. I am a Public Affairs officer in the Air Force Reserve but working with the Army in the Joint Operations Center (JOC) at al-Faw Palace on Camp Victory which is near Baghdad.  The JOC is the nerve center for everything operational in the Iraqi Theater.  Besides reviewing all United States Forces – Iraq (USF-I) news releases, the Public Affairs roll in this setting is to monitor all open source media, both Pan Arab and Western news for stories related to our mission here and advising the command general accordingly.  Believe it or not there are times when we learn of events happening from media before we do from boots on the ground.  I generally work 10-14 hour days seven days per week. Sounds long but it has really helped the past four months to fly by. Plus it’s an exciting environment where there is always something going on. Pretty cool to be “in the know” for all that is happening in Iraq. Tammie is the real hero in the house. She’s held everything together masterfully and that even after breaking her arm the day after I left the US.  Of course with six kids that wasn’t the only trip to the emergency room! She has even managed keep our tradition of camping alive by taking the kids to Pioneer Park in Muskegon for an entire week.  Plus we have fantastic friends and neighbors who have been so supportive, even with little things. Unfortunately we will be spending our 28th anniversary apart which takes place at the end of the month.

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