July 19 2012

Citizens invited to attend Police Academy

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The Kent County Sheriff’s Department will be hosting the Fall Citizens Police Academy on Thursday, Sept. 20. Attendees will meet every Thursday for 11 consecutive weeks. Class will run from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. This interactive academy will give the citizens of Kent County the opportunity to experience all aspects of their sheriff’s department. Participants will get to go on patrol with a police officer, take a correctional facility tour, and go through some of the same split-second decision-making training that is a requirement of police officers. Crime scene technicians, detectives, the tactical team and marine unit will also be a part of the learning experience. For more information or to sign up for this academy, please visit www.accesskent.com, click on Courts & Law Enforcement, and then click on Sheriff Department. For additional questions, please contact Sandi Jones at the Kent County Sheriff’s Office (616) 632-6221 or e-mail her at sandi.jones@kentcountymi.gov.


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NOTE FROM THE EDITOR:  Reminder to letter writers—The Rockford Squire will run no political letters the week prior to the primary and general elections. Please submit any political letters no later than 5 p.m. Monday, July 23, 2012. Reader supports current Cannon Township Board Dear Editor, I noticed that a group is running against the Cannon Township Board. I looked into why they are running and found that one of them has never attended a board meeting. The person running for supervisor had only been to one before he filed his petition, and that was to introduce himself to the board when he ran for state representative in 2010. The slate also touts their integrity, which is interesting because Mr. Nelson, who is running for trustee, implies that he was endorsed by the Grand Rapids Press in 2010, when he too ran for state representative. The Press endorsed Pete MacGregor—not Mr. Nelson. This is misleading at best, like Mr. Carozza’s lengthy list of endorsements. He doesn’t disclose that only a few of them live in Cannon. That’s integrity? Jon V. Coretti Cannon Township resident Readers appreciate school, arts coverage To the Editor, We want to extend a heartfelt thank-you for your continuing support of school and arts coverage in your paper. For many students in the Rockford Public Schools, music, drama and the visual arts are the primary means of expression, and we are glad that their accomplishments are recognized as just as vital and worthwhile as their on-field classmates’ successes. Specifically, we want to thank Cliff and Nancy Hill, who went above and beyond covering the Rockford High School Women’s Chorus performance at the Michigan Music Conference, and Cindy Cranmer, who stayed for hours with her son at the Rockford Aces impromptu concert and get-together on July 9 to make sure she had the story of their trip to the World Choir Games. Thank you again for your commitment to the arts and to reporting the successes of our students. Mandy and Jed Scott Rockford High School Choirs www.rockfordchoirs.com  Notice to voters in Comstock Park, RPS district in Plainfield Township, Precincts 1, 2, 9 only Dear Editor, Effective January 1, 2012 school districts are required to hold their school board elections during the general […]


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by TERRY KONKLE President, Rockford Area Historical Society Readers have another week to answer the last “Nugget of Rockford History” question. I have received several correct answers to “Who was Thor?” and also some Thor stories. I will use the column next week to cover the Thor information. Contact me at (616) 866-0530 with your Thor details! While talking with a Rockford High School graduate at the Golden R meeting on June 30, 2012, I was surprised to hear that that person did not know our town had a museum. The Golden R committee sent out museum fundraising materials with their invitations this year and that was the first this out-of-state resident had heard of our museum. Later, that same day I spoke with a 1962 Rockford graduate who said, “I know we have a museum, but where is it, and when is it open?” He followed with, “Where will the new museum be?” Earlier that same day we had a booth set up at the Rockford Farmer’s Market with our scratch-off fundraising cards and many helped us and also asked how we were progressing. Sunday morning I wrote down some statements that might help answer some questions. It is a fact that Rockford does have a museum that is presently located on East Bridge Street beside the Rockford Dam. The Rockford Area Historical Society has run the museum using volunteer directors and volunteer help in a building that has no bathroom or running water. The building is owned by the City of Rockford and leased by the Society. It is a fact that the Society has signed a lease with the City to move into the vacant 63rd District courthouse. When we move into the new building, our lease on the present museum will end. The City will control what happens after we leave. We will hire a part-time museum director and be open at least 22 regular hours a week when the move is made. Volunteers will still be important to running the museum. It is a fact that the Society has raised enough money to renovate the building and is working with the City to follow the lease agreement as work begins. When the courthouse building is renovated, an auction will be […]

Gardening program helps feed less fortunate

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Creekside Garden Center is continuing their Grow and Give program to help feed less fortunate people of West Michigan. Starting Wednesday, July 11, and every Wednesday through Friday thereafter, bring in any extra garden produce to Creekside and they will transfer it to the West Michigan Food Bank. The food bank will then distribute it to families in the area. Creekside Garden Center asks that to help insure freshness please do not pre-cool, pre-wash or trim produce. Please use brown paper bags and not plastic. “We’re hoping to stir up the community and get others to think about giving back and help those in need,” Creekside owner Cathy Evanzo said. “We also hope that parents will teach their children to develop a sense of service to less fortunate and continue throughout their lives. We want young and old to get involved and pay it forward.” Creekside is local and independently owned by Kim and Cathy Evanzo. It is a full-service garden center with unique plants, gifts, mulch and soil. Landscape and design services are also available. The center is located at 4015 Fruit Ridge Ave. NW, between Four Mile and Five Mile roads. For more information, please visit their website at www.creeksidegardencenter.com.

Spencer Township Fire Dept. receives $2,500 for equipment through America’s Farmers Grow Communities

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The Spencer Township Fire Department has received a donation that will help the department in purchasing new equipment. The fire department received the $2,500 through America’s Farmers Grow Communities. The donations are made available through the Monsanto Fund. Through the program, winning farmers designate a local nonprofit organization to benefit from the donations. Rick Smith of Sand Lake has been selected as a winner in the program, and he designated the $2,500 to the fire department. Grow Communities was created to benefit nonprofit community groups that are important to America’s farmers. For Smith, a farmer in Kent County, the opportunity to help grow his community became a reality when he was selected as a Grow Communities winner during the second annual program. He decided on the fire department because he appreciates the department’s work. “They have a nice rescue unit and an excellent fire department,” Smith said. In a ceremony held March 20 at the Spencer Township Hall, Smith got the chance to present the fire department with the $2,500 donation. In 1,245 eligible counties, farmers could win $2,500 for their favorite community nonprofit. The Monsanto Fund expects to invest more than $3.1 million in local rural communities this year alone. In total, more than $91,000 has been donated to nonprofits in Michigan.

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