Zorse coming to Harvest Festival

Zelda the Zorse is coming to Rockford. Here Zelda meets a youngster at a Michigan State Fair.

Zelda is one of only two in the world by BETH ALTENA Be prepared to see a very rare animal during children’s weekend of Harvest Fest, October 7-9, 2011. This year, Zelda the Zorse will be in town as a main attraction and will likely be the only chance many of us will have to […]

Save your cans for Rams


The fairest Fourth of July in recent memory had many soaking up the sun and sipping on cold beverages… Wait! Hold on to those cans! A Rockford Ram football player near you wants to take it off your hands. The Rams football team will be holding two pop can drives: July 30 and September 24, […]

MAIN STREET by Roger Allen, publisher

Big bad wolves Our laws protect wolves. Up north, some people want them off the endangered list so they can be hunted. They claim wolves kill deer; they want the deer all to themselves. This problem has a simple fix: Our legislators should pass a law requiring that wolves stick to eating rabbits. We humans […]

THE TAX ATTIC with Jerry Coon

Convention held at Fenway Park Money Concepts, the financial planning company that I am associated with, recently held their International Financial Planning Convention in Boston. Neither Deb nor I had previously been to Boston, so we were looking forward to the convention and also taking in some of the historical sites in and around Boston. […]

BIRTHDAYS — July 23–29

23rd Helen Brinkman, Ron Denhof, Georgia Donovan, Elden Hunsberger, Brian Meester, Stacy Niedzwiecki, Charlie Robinson 25th DariAnne Draugalis, Heidi Stasiukinas, Lucille Vickers 26th Gabriel Reed, Ashley Rinbelt, Marge Spears, Marie Spendow 27th Dan Callender 28th Joe Sharpe 29th Faith Figger, Tammy Hills, Barb Palazzolo, Ron Priebe