July 21 2011

Zorse coming to Harvest Festival

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Zelda is one of only two in the world by BETH ALTENA Be prepared to see a very rare animal during children’s weekend of Harvest Fest, October 7-9, 2011. This year, Zelda the Zorse will be in town as a main attraction and will likely be the only chance many of us will have to see the cross between an endangered Grevy’s zebra dam and a Belgian draft horse sire. Zelda was discovered by her current owners, Jerry and Cheryl Johnson, at a fundraiser held at the estate of a wealthy Michigan philanthropist, who had purchased her from breeders in Kentucky. The man was a collector of exotic animals and also had a miniature stallion, zebras and a camel. The Johnsons, horse people, were fascinated by the zebra-horse cross and researched extensively. They found there was only one other such animal known in existence and, when the philanthropist passed away, they were contacted by the animal keeper of the estate to see if they were interested in taking Zelda. They became Zelda’s owners on April 17, 2004. Zelda, now age 14, is 16.2 hands high and described as a “gentle giant.” As a hybrid, she cannot have foals of her own, although occasionally hybrids are able to conceive. The remarkable animal is known to be caring of the horses and mules she shares living quarters with. She tends to be shy, so act calmly and quietly when visiting with her this fall.

Save your cans for Rams

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The fairest Fourth of July in recent memory had many soaking up the sun and sipping on cold beverages… Wait! Hold on to those cans! A Rockford Ram football player near you wants to take it off your hands. The Rams football team will be holding two pop can drives: July 30 and September 24, from 10:30 until noon. Head Ram Can Man, Ralph Munger, expects good effort from his players on and off the field. Players will be doing their part to raise money for their program by scouring neighborhoods, collecting cans and trying to top last year’s total. As an important member of the team, the Rockford community traditionally does its part to make this endeavor a success. Ways to help this year include: • Contact a Ram football player near you or text your address before date of drive to (616) 799-4904 for pick up. A confirmation text will be sent before pick up. • Ric’s Food Center is also joining the effort this year and is providing a drop-off container near the bottle return July 18-30. • Swing by the Rockford D&W on the day of the drive and bring your cans or jump in and lend a hand sorting.

MAIN STREET by Roger Allen, publisher

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Big bad wolves Our laws protect wolves. Up north, some people want them off the endangered list so they can be hunted. They claim wolves kill deer; they want the deer all to themselves. This problem has a simple fix: Our legislators should pass a law requiring that wolves stick to eating rabbits. We humans get the deer. Our lawmakers seldom listen to me. Maybe it’s because I’m not rich. Big bad national debt Politicians suck up to rich people. The rich have lots of money to donate to re-election campaigns for people who will do them favors. An idea has occurred to me: could THAT be why certain lawmakers resist taxing the rich? Even in times of financial crisis (such as now, with the national debt limit fight) certain lawmakers resist taxing the rich. Even when the consequences are dire (such as now, with our nation’s credit rating at stake with potential harm to all of us ordinary folks), certain lawmakers resist taxing the rich. I wish I were rich. Then I’d know for sure if this idea of mine has a grain of truth to it. Sunday school wisdom A Sunday school teacher asked the five-year-olds, “If I sold my house and my car, had a big garage sale, and gave all the money to church, would I get into Heaven?” “No!” said the children. “If I cleaned the church every day, mowed the yard, and kept everything neat and tidy, would I get into Heaven?” “No!” said the children. “Then how,” said the teacher, “can I get into Heaven?” Together, the kids replied, “You gotta be dead!” License plate wisdom While driving with her daughter and her husband, a woman noticed that the car ahead of them had a rather odd vanity plate. “That’s weird,” she said, pointing to it. “Why would anyone want to boast about mold on their car?” “Call me crazy,” said the son-in-law after deciphering the phrase, “but I believe it reads ‘FUN-GAL.’” Help desk wisdom A caller gave the help desk technician her computer’s serial number. He scanned a database of registered users and said, “I see you have an Aptiva desktop unit.” The caller shrieked and said she’d be right back. When she returned, the technician […]

THE TAX ATTIC with Jerry Coon

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Convention held at Fenway Park Money Concepts, the financial planning company that I am associated with, recently held their International Financial Planning Convention in Boston. Neither Deb nor I had previously been to Boston, so we were looking forward to the convention and also taking in some of the historical sites in and around Boston. For a baseball fan like me, when I mention “historical sites” and “Boston” in the same sentence, I am predominantly thinking of Fenway Park and its famous left-field wall called the Green Monster. The convention always has a fun night out and this year’s fun night was scheduled to be an after-hours party at Fenway Park with the featured speaker being none other than Jim Rice, Boston’s Hall of Fame left fielder. I could hardly wait. I didn’t expect to be able to see a game, but going to the park and perhaps getting a chance to ask the great Jim Rice a question or two was plenty. Well, I got much more than that. One of the other attendees had an extra ticket for Sunday’s game and, if I was interested, that ticket would be made available to me. Since it would be an afternoon game, it would pretty well kill an entire day, so I had to clear that one through Deb. She only made me minimally beg before agreeing to let me go. My thanks go to Deb and also to Susan, the associate with the ticket for thinking of me. When I go into a major league ball park, I almost get chills. I may be in my 50s now, but seeing Boston’s green field that day immediately brought back memories of my first sight of Tiger Stadium when I was just a youngster and my first sight of Wrigley Field many years ago. Those old parks have character. As Jim Rice aptly put it when he spoke on Wednesday night, Wrigley Field and Fenway Park are the only two “ball parks” left in the world. The new parks are all “stadiums” and stadiums don’t have character. Fenway Park has the Green Monster and the Pesky Pole in right field, and Wrigley Field has the outfield ivy and its “friendly confines.” They are the last of […]

BIRTHDAYS — July 23–29

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23rd Helen Brinkman, Ron Denhof, Georgia Donovan, Elden Hunsberger, Brian Meester, Stacy Niedzwiecki, Charlie Robinson 25th DariAnne Draugalis, Heidi Stasiukinas, Lucille Vickers 26th Gabriel Reed, Ashley Rinbelt, Marge Spears, Marie Spendow 27th Dan Callender 28th Joe Sharpe 29th Faith Figger, Tammy Hills, Barb Palazzolo, Ron Priebe

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