July 23 2009

Squire tags along on UP vacation

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The Hanson family recently visited the Upper Peninsula. They brought their local paper along to Greenland, Mich. to tour the Adventure Mines. They also stopped and saw waterfalls along the way (to and from). Pictured are Nick, Andy and Jenna Hansen with cousin Trevor Hansen, all of Rockford. Above the kids are pictured in the Adventure Mines. Pictured below are the kids at Fumee Falls in Norway, Mich.

Rockford student is top recruit at police academy

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  Rockford Police Chief Dave Jones extolled the achievements of a Rockford High School student during the regular meeting of the city council on Monday, July 20. Maria Sapp was chosen to participate as the representative from Rockford in the week-long 2009 Metro High School Police Academy. According to Jones, the City has been participating in the program for three years. As Rockford’s choice of representative, Sapp was chosen from applicants to attend. “Our selection to attend this year was Maria,” said Jones. “Not only do they have to be outstanding academic students, they also have to exhibit outstanding character and integrity.” Jones states applicants are thoroughly screened with background checks before being accepted into the academy. Jones said at the academy Sapp underwent firearm training, trained for traffic stops and handcuffing. Of all the recruits, Sapp was identified as the  top recruit over all other participants and earned a $500 scholarship toward future college costs. “I was proud of her when we selected her to go. I am very proud when I learned she earned top recruit.”             Jones said Sapp was consistently top in every one of the activities the recruits undertook. “She represented Rockford very well. Sapp was also one of the younger participants, as many are high school graduates.

Latest, greatest outdoor sport—available at the Squire

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They can be as big as military ammunition canisters hidden in hollow trees or as tiny as a nitroglycerine tube stashed behind a fake screw head. Geocaches in the Rockford area are increasing all the time, including the latest installed at The Rockford Squire office at 331 Northland Drive. This geocache is called “Free Since 1871.” Geocaching is a fun sport that can be winter-friendly. It can be done as a solitary sport, as a creative family outing, and even as a competition event for groups—church youth groups, this may be for you. With a hand-held global positioning unit (GPS), find the coordinates of local caches at geocaching.com. The caches are usually on park or public land, but on private property only with permission. Find the hidden cache, sign in and log your finds, if you want to. Our friend Bob at The Cedar Springs Post newspaper—“raffitz” to his geocaching friends—put this in for us last week. We’ve had the fun of watching people look for it during work hours, but have missed some of the after-hours friends. On our logbook are geocaching diehards “RedHeadMary” and “Nanncyan.” Also visiting “Free Since 1871” was “golfdiva,” “Dirty Gordy,” “Dafodil Mom” and more. Our cache is a simple one-stop, one-stage. In multi-caches, the first coordinate gives you the second coordinates and so on. Caches can be as long and complex as desired. In Maine, the Acadia National Park staff created a multi-cache that covers many miles and is an educational series. One stop leads you to a board explaining how a fjord is created. Others explain the natural phenomenon causing particular rock formations or the history of a geographic oddity. Here at “Free Since 1871,” some of our visitors have posted their thoughts online. “RonORock” was embarrassed because he “missed the obvious” and said he was glad we weren’t at work to see him make a fool of himself searching for the cache. “NinePatchNancy” came with her family on a perfect day. “Amajo” said she and her spouse don’t really like caches on private property and argued about who would go out to search for it. “Me and Mr. Amajo both went out so we could look like fools together,” she wrote. “Grizz Rider” also found the hidden […]

Rockford Register – July 23, 2009

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Saturday, July 25 Rockford Farm Market—8 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Saturday through October 31, in the South Squires Street parking lot, off Main St., downtown Rockford, featuring Michigan-grown produce, fresh baked goods, flowers and plants. Sunday, July 26 Blood Drive—8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at First Congregational Church, 192 Bridge St., Rockford, in the dining room. Register to win a summer “Staycation.” For more information, call the church at (616) 866-2412. Tuesday, July 28 Huntington Rogue River Blues Series “After the Blues”—7 to 9 p.m. at the Garden Park Stage, along the White Pine Trail near the dam, every Tuesday through August 11. This week features Organissimo (jazz). Free Legal Assistance for Seniors—half-hour appointments 10 a.m. to noon, with Jason Jansma at the Rockford Ambulance Board Room. Please call Marcia at (616) 863-6322 to schedule your appointment. Free Concert at Grill One Eleven—See singer-songwriter Dana Cooper at 8 p.m. (after Blues on the River). The Austin, Texas native will play for one night only right here in Rockford. Grill One Eleven is located at 111 Courtland Street in downtown Rockford. Country Music—9:30 to 11:30 a.m. every Tuesday at Rockford Ambulance Community Center, corner of 10 Mile Road and Shaner Avenue in Rockford. Music by the Rogue River Band. Enjoy free coffee, tea and snacks. Wed.–Thur., July 29–30 “Christmas in July” Sale—9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Wed., and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Thur., at Rockford Reformed Church, 4890 Eleven Mile Rd., Rockford. All proceeds to benefit the North Kent Service Center Food Pantry. Thursday, July 30 Free Child ID Program—10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Rockford Christian School, 6060 Belding Rd., Rockford, sponsored by the Rockford Masonic Lodge #246. Each child who enters the program will receive a dental impression and a CD containing a photo, video, digital fingerprints and vital information. Parents or guardians of children who participate must be present and fill out a permission slip for the child. This program is part of the Kent County Sheriff’s Kids’ Day in conjunction with the Rockford Police Department, Greater Grand Rapids Safe Kids, and Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. The day also includes the Mounted Unit, Bike Patrol, Motorcycle Unit, Parks Unit, Marine Division and a Kids Bike Rodeo (bring your bike and helmet). FREE […]

A Message for You – July 23, 2009

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Are you a wise manager? by PASTOR DAVE FERNLUND Algoma Baptist Church In Luke 19, Jesus tells a parable of a man of noble birth who was leaving on a trip. Before he left, he called his servants together and gave them each some money to put to work in his absence. When he returned he asked them what they had done with his money. He wanted to know what they had gained with it. Those who multiplied the money were rewarded. One servant who had done nothing with what he was given had it taken away from him. Each of these men were called on by his master to be a wise manager of his money. How wise are we in handling the finances that our master has give to us? God has given to us the money that we have. He has entrusted it to us for this lifetime, and he expects us to invest it wisely for his purposes. In fact, the Bible says he will bless us if we do this. Will we invest our money wisely? Will we demonstrate contentment in the way we use credit? Will we live according to our wage? Will we focus on our needs and not the limits of how much we can get? Will we understand that happiness and security come from God and not from money? Are you a wise manager?

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