July 23 2009

Post Commander shows off 1937 Ford police vehicle

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You may have seen this beauty of a car in downtown Rockford on Friday, July 17. Michigan State Police Post Commander F/Lt. Chris McIntire had it delivered to participate in the Sparta Town and Country Days parade Saturday. This vehicle represents the type and style of patrol vehicle the Michigan State Police used in 1937. The car was originally owned by the late Miss Mable Davis of Hillsdale, Mich. It was refurbished by donations, including the Michigan State Police Troopers Association and Meijer Inc. McIntire said he looked forward to driving the car and that this vehicle as well as some of his motorcycle officers were to be the grand finale of the parade.

Chicken rules to be decided over winter

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Rockford resident Shawn Raymond asked the Rockford City  Council if they would consider an ordinance allowing hens in City limits. By hatching season next spring he will have an answer. Currently farm animals are prohibited in the City, but council is taking on Raymond’s request and investigating what other  cities are allowing. It has become increasingly popular for families to own a few hens for their eggs. Raymond said his family would prefer to have their own eggs to ensure the source of the product and that hormones and other additives have not been fed to the chickens. According to City Manager Michael Young,  Raymond proposed a very restrictive ordinance.  “While I still have many questions and concerns, we committed to Mr. Raymond that we would work with him and other residents to put together a report to be presented to Council as this discussion continues,” Young stated.  “The general timeframe that we would be working on is to discuss this matter through the winter months, which will allow Council to ultimately decide one way or another whether such an ordinance is in the best interest of the City by the spring of next year,” Young stated.   “The timeframe was at Mr. Raymond’s suggestion because typically you would not order a batch of chicks during the cold weather months, so spring is an ideal time to resolve this matter.”

Plainfield Farm Market ‘exceeds expectations’

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Plainfield’s Farm Market was a nice new township event last year. This year it is a smashing success at a new location at 4411 Plainfield in the parking lot of Frontline Church. Old-timers will remember the site as the former location of Meijer offices and once the Meijer discount outlet. According to Plainfield Township Clerk Paul Harvey, the market has far exceeded expectations and passed the goal of 50 vendors. “We first marked out 35 spots [for vendors]. Then had to increase it to 55 and on Thursday, July 16, there were 67 vendors, with many selling out during the 2 to 7 p.m. market hours. Harvey said last year’s market, located across from the township hall in a vacant lot, cost the township some $5,500 dollars, much of that for signs to advertise the market. A fence surrounding the lot and improvements to a bathroom in a township-owned building at the site were also put on the market’s tab. “It was in a nice, quaint place, but it was land-locked and there were concerns about safety with people crossing from the hall parking to the market,” Scott said.   This year the market will be in the black with the costs paid for by vendor booth fees, which were dropped by half in order to entice more vendors to attend. Along with market master Katie Karnes, Harvey said he attended seminars offered by the Michigan State University extension in the winter to learn more about managing farm markets. They also visited other successful markets before opening up this year. Harvey said the education has been interesting, and he learned about Department of Agriculture rules for markets and Department of Health rules.   The vendors are as pleased as the township officials with this year’s market. Gavin Orchards planted more vegetables than in past years in anticipation of sales at the venue. Jamie Williams of Meant to Bead is a retired hairdresser who began making her own glass beads two years ago. She loves the action of farm markets and likes talking with the people who visit her booth. “Every day is different, that’s what I love about it,” she said. On that blustery day she had to figure out how to keep the wind […]

Find quality time in the summer

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by SHARON WELLS Principal, Parkside Elementary School  My college roommates live in several different states and we try our best to see each other at least once a year. As we cram our time together into a short weekend in a central location, we all rush to share the latest events of our lives, from family news to updates on our jobs and interests. We joke with each other that “it’s all about me” as we try to quickly fill each other in on the past year’s experiences before someone interrupts with their own chapters to share. While we may be focused on sharing about ourselves momentarily, our ultimate goal is to listen and appreciate each other’s lives, and learn from our unique experiences and approaches to life. One thing that stands out about our brief reunions is how everyone values the time spent together. One roommate always brings along a token gift to remind us of our college days, or of past trips together. Many of these items adorn the desk in my office to keep these memories alive as I go through my daily routines. Another roommate always takes the time to send handwritten notes when we return from our visits to emphasize how much it meant that we were able to relive our “dorm days” and spend quality time catching up. The use of e-mail, texting, and cell phones is great for in-between visits, but nothing can replace that time where we laugh uncontrollably about our college antics, cry about the recent loss of a parent, or share advice about how to deal with our children in their various stages in life. As your families spend time away from school this summer, my hope is that you find that quality time with friends, neighbors and family. Initiate those brief but powerful reunions with special people in your lives. Maybe you have a former child care provider who impacted your kids’ lives, who you can thank now that the kids are growing up. Perhaps a neighbor who moved away would love to be invited back to the neighborhood for a visit. Some cousins you haven’t connected with in a while may appreciate some time with family. Visit a former place of worship. Take […]

Local student graduates from Messiah College

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Rockford resident Alexandra Steed was one of 650 students to graduate from Messiah College on May 16 during the college’s 100th annual commencement. Steed graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in humanities. She was also part of the College Honors Program. Messiah College, a private Christian college of the liberal and applied arts and sciences, enrolls more than 2,800 undergraduate students in 55 majors. Established in 1909, the primary campus is located in Grantham, Pa., near the state capital of Harrisburg. A satellite campus affiliated with Temple University is located in Philadelphia.

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